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Bill Cosby accuser says drugged, raped her in Atlantic City: lawsuit


A former actress and one of Bill Cosby’s most vocal accusers has now filed a lawsuit against the disgraced comedian, alleging he drugged and raped her at one of Donald Trump’s hotels in Atlantic City in 1990 .

Lili Bernard, who has previously spoken publicly about her allegations against Cosby, on Thursday filed a civil lawsuit against the 84-year-old in federal court in New Jersey.

She is claiming $ 125 million in damages from Cosby.

Bernard, who first met Cosby on the set of “The Cosby Show,” says the comedian offered to mentor her as she worked as a young actress in the ’90s, according to the lawsuit.

She claims Cosby, who had promised to feature her on his show, forced her to travel to Atlantic City from New York in August 1990 for a business meeting at the Trump Taj Mahal with a man he described as a producer.

After eating, Bernard alleges the meeting moved to the dining room of a hotel suite where Cosby made him a soft drink, according to the lawsuit.

Bernard began to experience “dizziness, an urge to vomit and weakness” after consuming the drink, according to the complaint.

Bill Cosby sexual assault survivor Lili Bernard attends a vigil for survivors to protest against Bill Cosby’s conviction being overturned on July 10, 2021.
Gilbert Carrasquillo / Getty Images

The lawsuit claims that Cosby then helped Bernard get to the bathroom, before allegedly telling him “Daddy is going to get you something to make you feel better.”

The aspiring actress claims she passed out and woke up to find Cosby undressing her. Although he told her no, Bernard claims that Cosby continued to undress her.

She has entered and exited consciousness on several occasions, including once when Cosby allegedly raped her and again when she woke up naked in a bathtub inside the hotel room.

Bill Cosby accuser says drugged, raped her in Atlantic City: lawsuit
Bill Cosby allegedly drugged and raped Lili Bernard in 1990.

When she woke up the next morning, Bernard claims Cosby dressed her, gave her money and drove her to a car waiting to bring her back to New York, according to the lawsuit.

Cosby then allegedly threatened to “erase” her and sue her for defamation if she surrendered to the police, according to the charges in the trial.

“I have waited a long time to be able to pursue my case in court and I look forward to being heard and holding Cosby accountable for what he did to me,” Bernard said in a statement Thursday.

Bill Cosby accuser says drugged, raped her in Atlantic City: lawsuit
Bernard claims that Bill Cosby forced her to go to the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City in August 1990.
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“Although this happened a long time ago, I still live with fear, pain and shame every day of my life. “

The lawsuit was filed under a New Jersey law that lifted the statute of limitations for adult survivors of child sexual abuse in the state for two years.

Cosby was released from a Pennsylvania prison in July after the state’s highest court overturned his sexual assault case.

He served two years after being convicted of drugging and raping Temple University sports administrator Andrea Constand at his home in 2004.

Bernard is one of dozens of women who have accused Cosby of assaulting them.

Bill Cosby accuser says drugged, raped her in Atlantic City: lawsuit
Disgraced actor Bill Cosby leaves his home with spokesperson Andrew Wyatt the day after his release from prison, July 1, 2021.
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She has spoken out about her allegations in the past and joined other accusers in several of her hearings over the years.

Cosby spokesman Andrew Wyatt told the Post that the comedian continues to claim his innocence following the retrial, promising to “vigorously fight any allegations made against him.”

“These retrospective provisions are unconstitutional and constitute an outright violation of an individual’s constitutional rights and deprive that individual of due process,” Wyatt said in a statement.

Bill Cosby accuser says drugged, raped her in Atlantic City: lawsuit
Lili Bernard is claiming $ 125 million in damages from Bill Cosby.
AP Photo / Matt Rourke, Dossier

“This is just another attempt to abuse the legal process, opening the floodgates for people who have never presented a shred of evidence, evidence, truth and / or facts, to back up their claims. alleged allegations. “

He also pointed out that New Jersey prosecutors were refusing to move forward with an investigation into Bernard’s allegations in 2015.