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Biden’s White House literally couldn’t be ‘more political’

Brace yourself, America: The Biden administration, emboldened by the Democrats’ midterm outperformance, is stepping up its disastrous strategy to date. According to insiders speaking to Axios, Biden plans to remake “the White House into a more political operation.”

Impossible! Biden already leads the most political White House in recent memory, where the broader public good is brutally ignored in favor of the immediate interests of the president and his party.

Look at his disastrous border policy. It has caused untold human misery and has now spread to cities – like New York – far from the southern border, while pouring money into the pockets of fentanyl trafficking cartels and human traffickers .

But it has brought happiness to its base of wealthy blue states, as it increases the supply of cheap labor on which their way of life depends and allows them to play the role of humanitarians.

Or his student loan abomination. He knew he had no power to unilaterally cancel student debt (with money extracted from the less well off); Both Biden and Nancy Pelosi have said so. But the pledge seemed likely to help the Dems midterm, so he ‘did it’ anyway – timing it so the courts wouldn’t consider it before the election.

Now, the order has been overturned twice by the court, as the president knew.

Remember the Attorney General’s morally odious crusade against dissident parents at school board meetings. Merrick Garland wanted to bring the FBI to fight against members of the public who objected to the indoctrination of their children into gender ideology and the CRT.

For Biden, politics still comes first. Don’t believe us? Look at the carnage he caused.

According to the same Axios report, Biden’s chief of staff, Ron Klain, is exhausted and wants out. (We would too, Ron: spending years ramming the country to satisfy your boss’s megalomania must be tiring).

The problem is, Klain is the perfect man for the job. If Biden wants to bolster his cynical policies, he needs a top-notch hack. There may be other reptilian agents waiting in the wings, but by no means will they be as good.

Biden is back to telling the country to prepare for the same and the worst. So thanks to your lucky stars, the GOP took the house. Otherwise, the magnitude of the disaster would be unimaginable.

New York Post

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