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Biden’s failure to meet on migrant crisis in New York ‘disconcerting,’ Adams says


Mayor Eric Adams said Tuesday he was baffled he couldn’t get a meeting with the White House to talk about the Big Apple’s burgeoning migrant crisis — even as thousands of asylum seekers arrive in the city every week.

“The federal government said to New York City, ‘We’re not going to do our job, you’re doing our job.’ You take care of 4,000 people a week, Eric, you and your team,’” Adams said at a news conference.

“Those who should have helped us in government – ​​every step of the way, [they] I just criticized us,” he lamented. “I don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel from the federal government.”

Hizzoner also said he has met with President Biden several times on the issue – in 2021 and 2022.

But he said he has been unable to hold meetings since then, even as the number of migrants flocking to New York has skyrocketed.

“It perplexes me,” he told reporters. “I have to keep emphasizing this point…and I’m really happy that we now have a chorus of other cities joining us.”

“This coalition will continue to grow because these cities deserve better,” he continued. “Cities should not manage national problems. »

Mayor Eric Adams said Tuesday he was baffled he couldn’t schedule a meeting with President Biden on immigration. Paul Martinka
New York has been inundated with about 161,000 migrants over the past year and a half, straining the city’s budget. GO NAKAMURA
Adams said he met with Biden in 2021 and 2022, but the two have not spoken since. AFP via Getty Images

The Big Apple has struggled over the past year and a half to cope with colossal numbers of incoming migrants — a figure that now exceeds 161,000, according to city officials Tuesday.

That includes about 4,000 people who arrived last week — or 16,000 in the last month, Adams said — and more than 68,000 people who remain in the city’s care.

The costs associated with providing for so many people drained the city’s coffers and led Adams to cut other crucial parts of the budget, he said.

City officials said 4,000 migrants arrived in the Big Apple last week. GO NAKAMURA
Adams also said he took responsibility for the crisis. Matthew McDermott

Meanwhile, Hizzoner tried to point the finger at the federal government for not doing more to stem the flow of migrants.

Early last month, Adams abandoned a series of meetings with White House officials after the feds raided the home of Brianna Suggs, his top fundraiser, as part of a federal probe into the finances of his 2021 campaign.

The mayor was expected to discuss immigration issues with senior Democratic officials before the raid convinced him otherwise, and he quickly returned to New York.

Adams returned to Washington earlier this month to talk about migration, but the visit did not include a meeting with Biden. Instead, he was invited to a White House Christmas party alongside “countless” other local officials.

While there, he had a last-minute meeting with Biden administration officials – but said he ‘came away with the cold reality that help is not on the way in the immediate future’ .

Adams first met with Biden at the White House to talk about violent crime when he was the Democratic candidate for mayor in July 2021.

Adams said his job is to manage migrants and point New Yorkers in the right direction to express their frustration. Go Nakamura for the New York Post

He visited again in December of that year, but left before the president arrived.

Biden also called Adams in January 2022 after a cop was shot, but the mayor’s people said the two had not spoken since.

The White House did not comment on Adams’ accusations Tuesday, but reminded The Post of an earlier statement he sent about the mayor’s meeting with administration official Tom Perez before the House Christmas party White on December 7.

“As he does regularly, Senior Advisor Tom Perez met with Mayor Adams to discuss the Biden-Harris Administration’s work with New York City over the past several months. We will continue to support the City and State in the coming weeks and months as they welcome recently arrived migrants,” he said.

Hizzoner said his job now is to manage migrants while showing New Yorkers “how to direct that anger in the right direction” — or toward the federal government.

“I don’t think any of these cities should go through this,” he said. “I don’t have the answer…we have to look to Washington.”

Another convoy of migrants is heading towards the US border. New York Post

But then he said it was his responsibility to save the Big Apple from drowning under a barrel of debt loaded down by migrants.

“I’m responsible for getting us out of this situation, I want to be clear about that,” Adams said.

“I am not abdicating my responsibility as mayor… These are the cards that were dealt to me,” he continued. “And I can’t sit back and say, ‘Well, hey, if only I had another card.’ No, these are my cards.

Additional reporting by Steven Nelson


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