Biden debate failure stuns European media – POLITICO

“I don’t think anyone expected such carnage… Trump has proven once again that his potential victory is bad news for NATO, Ukraine and, by extension, Poland,” Onet’s analysis adds.

French newspaper Le Monde called Biden’s hesitation over his remarks a “shipwreck,” adding that Trump “was capable of spouting lies without contradiction,” while British daily The Economist said Biden’s “horrible performance during of the debate casts doubt on his entire candidacy.”

The war in Ukraine was briefly mentioned during the debate, with Trump saying Moscow would never have launched its full-scale invasion in 2022 if he had been in the Oval Office. The Kyiv Independent said Biden had upset his party with his “shaky” performance.

Bulgarian newspaper Dnevnik summed up the general consensus with a CNN commentator’s headline: “Oh my God, we have a big problem!” and called the debate “a painful loss for the president.”

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