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Best Video Games of 2023, What Hollywood Should Adapt for TV and Film

Hollywood got back on its feet on Wall Street this year, and if it wants to stay on solid footing in 2024 – or even climb a few steps higher – it needs to look beyond the movies and TV shows that have been greatest hits. The industry is behind the times when it comes to keeping tabs on which video game titles consumers have spent their time on over the past 12 months.

It’s not specifically about what players spend money on. It’s about what these fans were talking about, what they were focusing on, and what they were expressing deep and ongoing interest in – as a way to discern which deals they would be willing to shell out money for in the future.

According to year-end data provided by Fandom (which bills itself as the world’s largest wiki platform for entertainment and gaming fans), below are the top overall franchises on the website in 2023 Each franchise’s “Franchise Factor Score” (calculated based on Fandom Score (proprietary data) is listed, along with a note indicating whether it is an intellectual property represented only by a single form of media, such as television, cinema or video games, or if it crosses “mixed vertical” territory.

“Terraria” – score 100 – game only
Star Wars — Score 96 — Mixed Verticals
Marvel — Score of 95 — Mixed Verticals
“One Piece” – score 91 – mixed verticals
“Minecraft” – score 87 – game only
“Genshin Impact” – score 84 – game only, upcoming anime
Disney Animation — 74 scores — Mixed verticals
“Elder Scrolls” – score 73 – game only
“League of Legends” – score 73 – mixed verticals
“Baldur’s Gate”/“Forgotten Realms” – 72 points – Mixed Verticals

For comparison, the following list features the best game franchises for the year alone.

“Terraria” – 100 points
“Minecraft” – 91 points
“Genshin Impact” – 84 points
“Elder Scrolls” – 73 points
“League of Legends” – 73 points
“Baldur’s Gate”/“Forgotten Realms” – 72 points
“World of Warcraft” – 68 points
“Mortal Kombat” – 66 points
“Fallout” – score 65
“Grand Theft Auto” – 65 points

Because the list of video game-only franchises is truly video game-only, some of this year’s best-selling video games (including Warner Bros. Discovery’s “Hogwarts Legacy” and “Marvel’s Spider-Man 2”) aren’t on the list. not in the list because they are not selected. these are not gaming-focused franchises.

However, the popularity of these games provided a major boost to their respective franchises, Harry Potter and Marvel. This is especially true for Harry Potter, since the franchise does not consistently release television and film content (The Wizarding World IP ranked 18th in the overall franchise list).

These results indicate that Hollywood studios should not underestimate the importance of video games when it comes to exploiting their intellectual property. The lists also feature some top-notch untapped game franchises to adapt into TV and film projects, based on the strength of those games’ communities without any Hollywood interference.

Among Fandom’s top video games, only 40% of these titles have been adapted into films and television series: “League of Legends” (along with Netflix’s “Arcane”), “Baldur’s Gate” (semi-adapted into “Dungeons and Dragons”) : Honor “Among Thieves”), “World of Warcraft” (via the 2018 miniseries “Warbringers”) and “Mortal Kombat” (in the 2021 film). In April 2024, Amazon’s “Fallout” TV series will premiere, bringing the list to 50% of titles adapted for the screen. There is also a “Minecraft” movie in the works and a “Genshin Impact” anime in development.

According to Fandom, 50% of the biggest franchises across all media this year saw new releases (Star Wars, Marvel, “One Piece”, Disney Animation, “Baldur’s Gate”) in one format or another, while all ten were the subject of a general interview. and updates to existing content, such as the “League of Legends” activity in its eSports league and “Terraria” via game patches.

Fandom’s findings sparked VarietyFandom’s discussion with Stephanie Fried, Fandom’s Chief Marketing Officer, and Anthony Iaffaldano, Vice President of Marketing Sales and Insights on forecasting trends for 2024, especially as next year sees fewer game releases major video than 2023, such as highly anticipated titles like “Grand Theft Auto”. 6″ will not be released before 2025.

“In addition to continuing to leverage the games for further expansion into television and film, I think we’ll see a lot of licensing,” Fried said. “We’re looking at that now, what are the new things or the things that people love from their past that were sort of dormant or hidden on the Peacocks and the Paramounts and the Disneys of the world that could be exposed more on Netflix or Amazon and identify those opportunities. Licensing is going to continue to grow and become big business over the next year. Many traditional companies that own streamers are trying to generate cash. We’re going to see things evolve and streaming services become probably a lot more similar in terms of the type of content they offer, and a lot of overlap from what we’ve seen in recent years.

While it’s always worth investing in existing franchises across all mediums, Iaffaldano noted that it’s just as useful to reevaluate previously used approaches to developing these projects.

“Marvel and Star Wars are two of the biggest franchises in our rankings and under our ownership, since I’ve been here, probably since the dawn of time,” Iaffaldano said. “And it’s not surprising to say that they were wrong this year, that their leaders said they were reviewing the schedule and talking about slowing things down. I’m very curious to see what happens to fan enthusiasm over the next year with this renewed focus on less, bigger, better. I think there was probably a bit of burnout among the audience about having to keep up with everything. But even more so, the shift to television and, specifically in Marvel’s case, to animation is interesting. I’m curious to see what this does to the overall fan base, how it re-energizes the base or expands it a bit for next year.

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