Best Tinted Sunscreens for All Skin Types, Get a Boost of Color & SPF

When it comes to anti-aging, you can use red light therapy Or lots of skin care products – which are great options – or you can invest in daily sunscreen. Now, if you’re not a fan of how sunscreen looks or feels on your face, I’m here today to talk to you about tinted sunscreens. Tinted sunscreen can give you a creamy or matte finish to even out skin tone, while still providing protection from the sun’s rays. It’s basically a tinted moisturizer with SPF. They’re perfect for oily skin, dry skin, acne-prone skin, mature skin, sensitive skin, and more, and since they can come in dozens of shades, you’re sure to find the option that suits you. To help you choose the best tinted sunscreen for your skin type, I’ve listed the factors to consider in your decision-making process. Let’s go.

What is tinted sunscreen?

There’s no mystery, tinted sunscreens are sunscreens with a little color. They still protect your skin from harmful UV rays, but the pigmented shade can act as a buildable foundation in your skincare routine. It’s like your makeup and skin protection have an adorable (and practical) little baby. Simply apply a coin-sized amount to your face for light to medium coverage and reapply as needed.

What to look for in tinted sunscreen

There are a few factors to consider when purchasing tinted sunscreen:

  • Type of sunscreen: There are two types of sunscreen: mineral (or physical) sunscreen and chemical sunscreen. Most tinted sunscreens are mineral formulameaning they use minerals, specifically zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, or a combination of both, to physically block UVA and UVB waves, acting as a shield on your skin. Chemical sunscreens, composed of chemical ingredients such as octinoxate, homosalate, octisalate, avobenzone or oxybenzone, protect the skin from UVB rays by absorbing UV light. The sunscreen you choose depends on your personal preference, but people with sensitive skin may find mineral sunscreens to be less irritating.
  • FPS: The SPF of your sunscreen is up to you. As a general rule, it’s good to use SPF 30 or higher, and at least SPF 50 for added protection.
  • Shadow: The amount of pigment in your sunscreen is up to you. Some brands only offer a few color options, while others offer dozens, some offer full coverage, while still others offer a lightweight, natural glow – again, it’s up to you .

So keep scrolling for the best tinted sunscreens to take you to Coachella, Stagecoach, the beach, the mountains, or just out for coffee. Protect your skin every day and look great while doing it. What else could you want?


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