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Best jade rollers and gua sha facial tools, according to an expert

If you’re wondering what a jade roller is and what a gua sha is for, you’re not alone.

Not only are these two popular skincare tools popping up everywhere, they’re also rapidly gaining momentum at retailers.

This is because jade rollers and gua sha tools help facilitate lymphatic drainage, which basically means they help get rid of facial bloating. Yes please!

To help you better understand what jade rollers and gua sha tools are and each of their benefits, we spoke to board-certified dermatologist Marisa K. Garshick, MD, FAAD, who specializes in medical dermatology and cosmetic surgery.

Along with professional tips and tricks, Garshick also shares the best jade rollers and gua sha tools available for purchase.

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What is a jade roller?

“[It] is a stone rolling device made from jade,” Garshick told the Post, which is a mineral that typically appears in natural green hues.

Garshick went on to explain that jade is said to have healing properties and can “help reduce inflammation and soothe the skin.”

What are the benefits of using a jade roller?

Due to the jade rollers utilizing the earth’s natural healing properties, Garshick went on to further explain the benefits of the tool.

“Jade rollers are a way to provide a form of facial massage that can help improve lymphatic drainage, making the face less puffy,” she said. “The applicator cools on the skin, which helps reduce puffiness as it causes blood vessels to constrict and the pressure of the jade roller helps push out fluid.”

Additionally, as the jade roller glides over the skin, it stimulates circulation, making the skin look brighter and more radiant.

Although jade rollers aren’t a substitute for neuromodulators, filler injections, lasers, or a proper skincare routine, Garshick says they can be used in conjunction to provide temporary benefits.

How to use a jade roller?

Using a jade roller is quite simple, as it can be used at any stage of your skincare routine. Garshick explained that it can even be used on clean, dry skin, over skincare products to help boost penetration, or as a mid-day pick-me-up.

“In general, light pressure is often enough,” Garshick said when explaining how to use the tool. “Make sure you roll it back and forth so it slides and doesn’t rub.”

Note: Garshick warns to use the tool with caution, especially around the eyes, as this skin can be delicate and easily irritated.

How do I clean my jade roller?

Although jade rollers can provide excellent results, regular cleaning of your tool is essential.

“It is important to clean the roller at least once or twice a week, especially if it is used regularly, or unless it is visibly dirty from application in conjunction with other products” , explained Garshick.

To properly clean the tool, Garshick says soap and water or rubbing alcohol will do the trick.

Buy the best jade rollers

1. Herbivorous Jade Puff Relief Facial Roller, $32


“This roller improves lymphatic drainage and improves overall circulation, leaving skin looking radiant and glowing,” Garshick says. “It can be used in conjunction with a face oil to help boost absorption.”

We also love it because it helps reduce wrinkles while bringing metaphysical peace and harmony.

2. Skin Gym Jade Facial Roller, $32

Best jade rollers and gua sha facial tools, according to an expert
skin gym

“It comes with two rollers – one that’s a good size for the face and one specific for the more delicate eye area,” Garshick shared with The Post. “[It] can help reduce puffiness in the face and under-eye area.

This Skin Gym pick also helps relieve built-up tension while remaining cool to the touch until it adheres to your natural body temperature.

3. Revlon Jade Stone Facial Roller, $10.79

Best jade rollers and gua sha facial tools, according to an expert

Garshick loves this jade roller because it’s “a great option for someone looking for an affordable way to see if they want to incorporate jade rolling.”

Real jade stone is used in the product while providing the same benefits you know and love to the skin.

What is Gua Sha?

Gua sha, also known as kerokan, means literally scratching the skin “in order to produce light petechiae,” Garshick told the New York Post.

The practice is also a traditional form of Chinese medicine and is used to “encourage healing, promote lymphatic drainage and stimulate circulation,” Garshick continued.

What are the benefits of using a Gua Sha tool?

Besides helping with circulation, reducing puffiness and lymphatic drainage, Gua Sha can also brighten skin tone. Garshick even reports being able to notice immediate sculpting results after use.

However, Garshick notes that Gua Sha “does not replace injectable treatments,” but should be used “in conjunction with in-office procedures” and “your normal skincare routine.”

How to use a Gua Sha tool?

To best use a Gua Sha tool, Garshick recommends using it once a week after completing your skincare routine, as this extra step will help boost the penetration of your skincare products. Depending on tolerance, Gua Sha tools can also be used two to three times a week.

To use, “apply gentle pressure and glide in the direction of lymphatic drainage, which helps mobilize fluids and reduce puffiness,” Garshick says. “It is best to apply a serum or face oil to allow the tool to slide » either up, which allows lifting, or down, which provides drainage.

However, Garshick cautions people with sensitive skin that “applying excessive pressure can lead to potential skin irritation,” such as bruising, pain, or the risk of broken capillaries.

How do I clean my Gua Sha tool?

To successfully clean your Gua Sha tool, Garshick recommends using soap and water or rubbing alcohol unless otherwise specified. This should be done once a week unless it is visibly dirty.

1. Herbivorous Rose Quartz Gua Sha, $24

Best jade rollers and gua sha facial tools, according to an expert

“This rose quartz Gua Sha tool can be used by those with all skin types and can help boost the penetration of facial oils and reduce the overall appearance of puffiness in the skin,” Garshick told the Post.

She also recommends storing the tool in the fridge to provide cooling benefits and pairing it with Herbivore Phoenix Reship Anti-Aging Facial Oil ($88).

2. The Lanshin Pro, $125

Best jade rollers and gua sha facial tools, according to an expert

“Made of nephrite jade, this patented tool was designed by an acupuncturist and facial Gua Sha expert,” Garshick said. “It offers different shapes and textures to help deliver benefits to all areas of the face.”

The use of the stone is also known as “He Tian” jade and is valued in China for its healing properties.

3. Mount Lai Gua Sha Face Lift Tool, $28

Best jade rollers and gua sha facial tools, according to an expert

Garshick likes the shape of this tool because it “makes it easier to grip and maneuver when gliding across the face.”

It is also formulated with xiyuan jade to help soothe and calm the skin while providing the benefits of traditional Gua Sha techniques.

Check out the New York Post Shopping section for more recommendations.

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