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Ben Simmons in Nuggets uniform?  It’s a great idea, but… – The Denver Post

The Nuggets should consider trading for Ben Simmons, but only based on cost. His shortcomings were magnified in the NBA playoffs. But he has length and is a very good defender. Coach Michael Malone and Nikola Jokic would improve Simmons. Again, it’s all about cost.

– Bobby, dreamer of hoops

Kiz: A decade later, we could well say Simmons had a brighter NBA career than Michael Porter Jr. But if Philadelphia is to trade Simmons now, it’s hard to imagine how the financial machinations of a Denver trade could work , unless injured goalkeeper Jamal Murray was involved. So I guess we have a better chance of seeing Aaron Rodgers playing the Broncos quarterback today than hailing Simmons as a Nuggets starter on opening night.

Are the Broncos real? The roster seems to have improved, even at the quarterback position. But improvement isn’t all Broncos Country wants. We are on the victory and the championships. We’re not there… yet.

– AR, keep it real

Kiz: While we’re all going through the Teddy B experience, no one expects this orange and blue train to roll into the championship. But am I seeing signs of vulnerability in the Kansas City Chiefs? I believe in the hangover effect of a Super Bowl loss. So I think the Broncos not only have a chance to sneak into the playoffs, but they’ll also end that 11-game losing streak against KC for real.

You fool, Teddy Bridgewater won exactly two games against (rotten) teams. Can’t you keep your bullshit and obsequious kissing until mid-season in the NFL?

– Steve, makes sense with words

Kiz: You succeeded. Obsequious toadying is my mark. They don’t call me Mr. Sunshine for nothing.

Thanks for your column on the Rockies and franchise owner Dick Monfort. I gave up my tickets to the Rockies for the reasons you described. I prefer to watch them on television. The Rockies are our home team, but let the transplants support the Dodgers and Monfort.

– Sam, spend it wisely

Kiz: Well, at least the Rockies will be able to watch the playoffs on TV and support former teammate Nolan Arenado.

Kiz, would you like to write something about the absence of a salary cap in baseball? I don’t see how teams in smaller markets like the Rockies can hope to keep the best players or constantly fight without a cap. I know there never was and probably never will be, but …

– Gordon, Longmont