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Ben Affleck’s Dunkin’ Donuts tracksuit sells out 19 minutes after Super Bowl commercial as coffee chain capitalizes on its mega success and even begins selling the ‘Dunkings Menu’

  • Staff at LA Dunkin’ Donuts stores also reported increased traffic after the ad.

Dunkin’ Donuts has hit just the right spot with their new partnership with Ben Affleck with their tracksuits completely selling out in just 19 minutes.

The hilarious Super Bowl commercial, starring Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Tom Brady, aired on Sunday.

The advert sees the trio crash Jennifer Lopez’s recording session wearing bizarre orange tracksuits, introducing their band – ‘The DunKings’.

Not only were the clothes in high demand, but so were the matching pink hats, which are now out of stock as the merchandise broke records and became the fastest sell-out in Dunkin’ history, TMZ reports .

Luckily for fans who are scrambling to get their hands on the popular tracksuits, the donut chain says it’s in the process of restocking.

But Dunkin’ Donuts not only aspires to cash in on its successful products, they also hope that the new “DunKings” menu will generate good numbers as well.

It wasn’t just the Chiefs who had a huge Super Bowl win, as Dunkin’ Donuts sold out of its “DunKings” products in just 19 minutes after featuring it in the commercial.
The matching pink bucket hats were also in high demand – and are now also out of stock – with sales breaking records, quickly becoming Dunkin’s best-selling item.

The limited-time menu is also expected to temporarily – but also hugely – increase the company’s profits.

Although the privately owned fast food chain doesn’t publicly reveal its numbers, celebrity partnerships have proven successful for food brands, such as McDonald’s and Travis’ collaboration in 2020.

Affleck’s Dunkin’ Super Bowl 2023 ad had already helped the company sell more donuts the next day “than any other day in history,” a source told CNN.

According to three separate CNN sources, Affleck pocketed approximately $10 million for his Dunkin’ Super Bowl ad in 2023.

This year’s Super Bowl advert has reportedly helped boost footfall at LA stores, with staff telling TMZ they have been “pretty busy” since the goliath sporting event.

The “DunKings Menu” serves Ben Affleck’s favorite iced coffee, which features a sweetened cold foam topping, cream and a dusting of cinnamon sugar.

The drink also features a “DunKings Munchkin Skewer” with three donut holes sitting on a stick on top of the drink, similar to an “olive in a martini.”

The Super Bowl ad featuring rapper Jack Harlow, Fat Joe and Jennifer Lopez, sees the musicians horrified when ‘The DunKings’ begin to perform.

But Dunkin’ Donuts isn’t just set to cash in on its hit merchandise, its new ‘DunKings’ menu is also expected to be a hit with customers, with Los Angeles staff reporting higher footfall after the commercial .
Affleck’s Dunkim 2023 Super Bowl ad had already helped the company sell more donuts the next day “than any other day in history,” a source told CNN (photo: Matt Damon)

Entering the studio wearing a sparkly jacket, Affleck shouts, “What’s up, Bronx?”

He performs a clumsy choreography under the stunned gaze of his wife. At the end, she whispers, “We talked about it,” and Affleck looks appalled.

As he and Damon leave, Lopez tells Brady – who is holding the keyboard – that he can stay.

Affleck has closely aligned himself with the brand and has even been spotted handing out food at two locations in Massachusetts as part of a separate ad campaign.

The limited-time “DunKings” menu – available only through the Dunkin app – also includes a Hazelnut and Whole Milk Iced Coffee, a Raspberry Flavored Iced Tea and an Egg Sandwich on a Seasoned Bagel.

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