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Baldur’s Gate 3 Players Reveal the ‘Dumbest’ Mistakes They Made in First Playthrough

Emilie Stander

Baldur’s Gate 3 doesn’t do much in the way of telling players how their choices will affect the story or their companions, and some fans have admitted to the less than ideal things they did during their first playthrough.

While Baldur’s Gate 3 gives you some tips on how to play the game, there are some things that players aren’t aware of until they make glaring mistakes. These range from small gameplay mechanics, like picking up your companions in battle, to larger story choices that determine the fate of you and your party.

Reddit user ‘TinkerMelii’ posted about his biggest mistake while playing Baldur’s Gate 3 for the first time. “I have NEVER summoned Scratch except once. Fight accidentally started shortly after. And I took advantage of my first round to send him back,” they said. “For some reason I was convinced that he would actually die if he died in combat and left the camp.”

More fans flocked to the comments to share their own mistakes during their first playthrough, and many of them had to kill Origin characters. Player “Vaena” confessed that he “(blasted) Gale just to see what happened assuming I would get a ray or at least a “please confirm you want to do That “.

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They weren’t the only ones to let Gale explode, as many others also confessed to using the bomb in his chest. “Cpatterson Evans” admitted to doing the same thing, but in a fight that wasn’t even against The Absolute. “I blasted Gale in my first attempt at fighting Yurgir to see what it would do and if it would help in the fight… the fight ended in a draw, to say the least can say,” they said.

Baldur’s Gate 3 player, “wrapped in plastic315″, discovered that if you don’t stop Astarion from feeding on you, well, it’s not good. “That didn’t stop Astarion from feasting on my blood. He killed me,” they said. “The next morning, as he passed by my body, he said, ‘Oh no, something terrible has happened.'”

Finally, some players did not know that it was possible to use character mechanics outside of combat to bypass obstacles. ‘PredictableToast’ admitted: “I’m trying to get to Karlach. I’m coming to the broken bridge,” he explained. “In previous matches it means I have to find another solution. I spend TEN HOURS of gameplay exploring and trying to figure out how to reach it, just to figure out that I actually have to jump over the bridge.

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Many players have played Baldur’s Gate 3 multiple times, and it’s not just because of the over 10,000 different possible endings in the game. Sometimes it’s because their decisions during their first playthrough weren’t right. ideal and wanted to find a better result.

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