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Baldur’s Gate 3 players discover a nest of wild tadpoles: “Are they all stupid?”

Stephanie Zucarelli

Larian Studios has constructed a complex narrative that begins with the main character being infected by a mysterious parasite. Baldur’s Gate 3 fans have discovered that there is an obvious solution to the problem and are wondering why none of the characters noticed it during their journey through Faerûn.

Baldur’s Gate 3 has an intriguing story that has 17,000 variations for its outcome. All of these endings have a common beginning: players are kidnapped by mysterious entities called Mind Flayers and are infected by tadpoles that will eventually transform them themselves into these strange creatures.

Players soon discover that these tadpoles can only be removed if the host dies. So they quickly begin traveling across Faerûn in search of a cure. While this starts them off on a simple adventure, fans of Baldur’s Gate 3 have noticed that there is a gameplay mechanic that quickly becomes a major hole, defeating the entire narrative behind Larian Studios’ RPG.

“We see several times during the game that the tadpoles leave their host body when it dies. Knowing this, couldn’t all infected companions simply die willingly to bring out the tadpoles and then have a friend revive them? asked Reddit user ‘Comeuhh’ in a post titled “Are they all stupid?” “.

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The OP then explains that many spells can kill people without suffering, and then once the tadpoles escape from their brains, they could easily use a revivification scroll to come back to life. “Especially Lae’Zel who knows tadpoles very well and is ready to do anything to get rid of them,” they concluded.

“The tadpoles in the group have plot armor,” joked user “TenzhiHsien,” and other players chimed in to offer their own “canonical explanations” for why Baldur’s Gate 3 companions choose not to not do this when completing their quests.

“It could be that combat deaths are ‘non-canonical’ deaths and are just gameplay devices. Only “canonical” deaths, like Shadowheart killing Lae’zel, are part of the actual story,” Boil-Degs explained on Reddit. They then pointed out that according to D&D rules, reviving a character must be done within a minute of a person’s death and that this would not give a tadpole a chance to react.

Other players were quick to point out that Baldur’s Gate 3’s narrative is full of holes and that they are often overlooked for “plot progression.” “You are freeing yourself from your nautiloid, but you cannot remove the tadpole from your brain now. You expose some evil druids who try to manipulate the Grove, but some of the ‘good’ druids are still assholes,” said Reddit author “Mal_Reynolds111”.

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And that’s what the Baldur’s Gate 3 community had to say about the tadpole “hole” on their journey through Faerûn. If you want to know more about Larian Studios’ RPG, you can check out what simple trick a player used to decimate the undead army or what happens to Astarion if you don’t recruit him during Act 1.

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