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Baldur’s Gate 3 players confess their worst ‘sins’ during gameplay

Stephanie Zucarelli

Baldur’s Gate 3 gives players carte blanche to decide how their adventure unfolds with crucial choices. However, some fans have admitted to doing some things that they’re not really proud of just for the sake of roleplaying.

The developers of Baldur’s Gate 3 have stated that it features up to 17,000 ending variations that can be triggered by even the most subtle decision made while traveling across Faerûn. Larian Studios’ RPG lets players choose how to react to different situations, and some users admit they’ve chosen curious paths for some of the more difficult choices.

In a Reddit post that asked players about their “sins in Baldur’s Gate3,” fans explained what controversial decisions they made and that they’re not so proud to admit. And while the OP said reasons like “I’m saving scum like crazy” weren’t valid as a confession, there were some unexpected “sins” that players admitted to committing during their games.

“I stripped all the characters of their clothes just so I could see what they look like naked,” user “NotYourDay123” admitted. They were not alone, as others intervened and declared that they had transformed their camp into a “nudist colony”, and others admitted to being surprised to see the companions thus “excited”.

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Larian Studios

Players have admitted that they enjoy driving Astarion crazy so they can hear his unique voice lines.

Another popular “sin” was killing all the characters in the Y’llek Crèche during Act 2, which most players said they did to gain XP. “Once Lae’zel understands that Vlaakith wants him dead, then it will make perfect sense to destroy the entire nursery. She wouldn’t want to leave a group of Material Plane-based Githyanki who could easily come after her,” user “jugularvoider” justified.

Other Baldur’s Gate 3 players admitted that they always made the same mistakes to see their companions’ reactions, such as dropping Lathander Monastery while Astarion is still inside. “The only disapproval I will actively accept,” described Reddit user “Bahhblacksheep.”

Some faiths go against popular trends, such as the workaround to recruit Minthara and the trick to avoid Alfira’s murder during a game of Durge. Although most players seemed to have worked hard to avoid these situations, others didn’t care.

“I never said two words to Minthara. My first playthrough was a hyper-realistic roleplay of a good Paladin of the Ancients and I didn’t make any saves no matter what. The entire goblin camp was under attack. I never spoke to Razglin or Minthara. I don’t know anything about the Drow that everyone loves,” user “Dawn_Lily” admitted.

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And these are some of the most popular “sins” that Baldur’s Gate 3 players have confessed to committing during their playthroughs. If you want to know more about the RPG from Larian Studios, you can check out why players are defending “save scumming” at all costs and which update players liked the most in Hotfix #15.

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