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Baldur’s Gate 3 Player Explains Why Scratch Should “Always” Be Summoned

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A BG3 player has explained why all users should make sure they always have Scratch the Dog summoned for combat.

Scratch has long proven himself to be a fan-favorite companion in Baldur’s Gate 3. Aside from serving as man’s best friend, the dog is blessed with a few useful abilities.

One of these skills revolves around his penchant for detecting things like chests or traps in the world. However, players have particularly found the four-legged pet useful when it comes to keeping their allies alive in the heat of battle.

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However, some people believe that Baldur’s Gate 3 players are not using the dog to its full potential. One person explained why in an increasingly popular post on Reddit.

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Player BG3 says it’s good to always summon Scratch

Reddit user jdbrew has reportedly played Baldur’s Gate 3 solo five times and is currently working on a multiplayer campaign with friends. A recent discussion within the party about the usefulness of Scratch inspired the Redditor to share an article outlining the other benefits of summoning the dog at any time.

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As mentioned above, the user noted that Scratch’s help action stabilizes downed party members with “what is essentially a free action.”

Another benefit for players using Scratch is its bite’s ability to “force a concentration saving throw.” In other words, a successful game could provide a fifth chance to “break a caster’s concentration every turn.”

Finally, when not engaged in combat, the dog “makes a fifth attempt at a perception check” when all four group members fail.

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Several BG3 players in the comments chimed in to say that even though they know Scratch is useful, they often forget to summon it.

Meanwhile, someone else said they call on Scratch and other pets on every run. “I use every pet I can every time, especially in honor mode.”

However, Scratch isn’t always the best in terms of situational awareness, so players need to be attentive when playing fetch with their furry friend in the game.

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