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Baldur’s Gate 3 Patch 6 gives Shadowheart a ridiculously long kiss animation

Baldur’s Gate 3’s sixth patch is on the way this week, likely on Valentine’s Day. We say this because Larian has already promised that patch 6 will add “improved smooches”, and what better way to celebrate romance than kissing your favorite fictional character?

Now, Larian has given us a glimpse of what these updated kisses will look like, revealing the revised kiss animation for Shadowheart. And frankly, it’s wonderfully ridiculous, in the best way possible. Finally, Shadowheart now has a kiss that befits her dramatic and passionate personality.

Of course, Shadowheart doesn’t settle for a normal kiss. No, instead she surrounds her partner (very fittingly Lae’zel, in this case), placing kisses on their shoulders before locking lips. We expect no less from the gods’ favorite princess, showering her lucky partner with love and affection.

When Larian announced patch 6 last week, it also gave us a glimpse of a new kiss for Halsin. It’s absolutely adorable – and to be honest, kisses on the forehead will probably be less painful on his back.

With two new kisses introduced now, it’s no exaggeration to say that every romantic companion could benefit from a new smooching animation. It could also mean they mix things up if we ask for repeated kisses, rather than giving us the same animation every time. How very considerate of them.

But it won’t just be about kisses. In a follow-up tweet, Larian shed some more light on the patch, writing: “It’s a big patch, so we’ll share the full patch notes on the official site – be sure to keep an eye out! ” Previously, Larian has made a habit of selling its patches cheaper, so we can expect a lot more features and fixes to be included this time around.

Right now, it seems fans are really hoping this adds the long-promised photo mode, which in all honesty might fit in well with the Valentine’s Day theme, so it’s very possible. On the technical side, others are hoping that Larian finally fixes the broken Shield Bash reaction, which isn’t working as expected. We’ll just have to see what Patch 6 includes when it becomes available later this week.


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