AVATAR Director James Cameron Had Plans for Venom in His Abandoned SPIDER-MAN Movie

In the late 80s/early 90s, Avatar, ExtraterrestrialsAnd The terminator director James Cameron had ambitious plans for a live-action Spider Man movie.

After writing the screenplay with Barry Cohen and Ted Newson, he would have directed the film. Although we’ve heard about many of the filmmaker’s possible casting ideas (Arnold Schwarzenegger as Doctor Octopus was one of them, believe it or not), Leonardo DiCaprio was set to play Peter Parker.

This is one of those films that fans will probably always have questions about; instead, Sam Raimi directed 2002’s Spider Manwith Tobey Maguire playing the web-slinger and a tone more in line with the comics of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko instead of the R-Rated adventure Cameron probably had planned.

Electro and Sandman were expected to be Cameron’s villains, although a quote attributed to the director of the Cinémathèque française in Paris confirms that he also had plans for Venom.

“And then there’s Spider-Man, the biggest movie I’ve ever made.” he said. “As my version of the project didn’t get off the ground, very little concept art was created, although I drew a few pieces myself.”

“It’s a sketch I made, in Prismacolor on black paper, to get me in the mood to write the screenplay.”

“I wanted to express the giddiness the film would induce as I climbed skyscrapers with the intrepid wall-crawler. I show him here in an all-black costume – anticipating that I would want the Venom alien symbiote version of Spider-L “The man has to appear somewhere in the story, whether it’s in the first movie or the sequel, I’m always thinking about the future.” Cameron concluded.

In 2021, he admitted that Spider Man “It would have been a fun movie to make,” explaining that rights issues ultimately killed the film. However, he still came away with a valuable lesson. “I made the decision after Titanic to just move on and do my own things and not work in the house of other people’s intellectual property. So I think (Spider-Man not reuniting) was probably the kick in the ass I needed to just go make my own stuff.”

“I think it would have been very different” Cameron said, revealing that he saw the character’s journey as representing “a metaphor for puberty and all the changes that occur in your body, your anxieties about society, its expectations, your relationships with the gender of your choice that you are attracted to.”

Check out its Venom teaser in the X post below.

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