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Australian Olympians exhibited ‘unacceptable’ behavior on return flight

Ian Chesterman, Australia’s chief of mission, told reporters on Wednesday that he had received a report from Japan Airlines about the “unacceptable” behavior of team members.

The athletes “did not respond to requests to do whatever they needed to do during the flight,” Chesterman said.

“And then there was also the problem of at least one person sick in the toilet and leaving them unusable for the rest of the fight,” he added.

CNN has contacted Japan Airlines for comment.

Football Australia and Rugby Australia have opened formal investigations into the conduct of staff on board the flight, Chesterman said. Disciplinary action could follow when this process is completed, he added.

“May I also say how deeply I am disappointed with this behavior. This behavior is clearly unacceptable and does not meet the standards set by this team,” said Chesterman, adding, “They are a proud team, performing brilliantly. after a very, very difficult preparation and the vast, vast majority behaved superbly on and off the field of play. “

He said some people have made bad choices, but he hopes they will make better choices in the future.

On Wednesday, the Australian team was fourth on the Tokyo 2020 medal table, winning a total of 36 medals: 15 gold, four silver and 17 bronze.


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