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Astros’ Ronel Blanco expelled after foreign substance test

HOUSTON — Astros starter Ronel Blanco was ejected early in the fourth inning against the Oakland Athletics Tuesday night after a foreign substance test.

Third base umpire Laz Diaz ejected Blanco after a glove check before throwing a pitch in the fourth inning. The umpires, Blanco and Houston manager Joe Espada remained on the mound for a few minutes to discuss the problem before the right-hander was ejected.

Blanco’s glove was confiscated and first base umpire Erich Bacchus left the field with it and took it somewhere before returning.

Blanco held out his hands and patted them in front of the umpires as they inspected his glove before being ejected, and he did the motion again after being thrown.

Blanco, who threw one hit in his season debut, allowed four hits and struck out one in three scoreless innings Tuesday. He has a 2.09 ERA this season. The Astros were leading 1-0 when he was replaced by Tayler Scott.

MLB began cracking down on foreign substances in June 2021, and Blanco will likely face a 10-game suspension for the offense.

News Source : www.espn.com
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