Arsenal 2-0 Luton LIVE REACTION: Gunners leapfrog Liverpool to reclaim Premier League top spot despite Saka absence

Arsenal regained their place at the top of the Premier League table after a much-changed side beat Luton Town 2-0.

The Gunners had relinquished their hold on Liverpool after holding champions Manchester City to a 0-0 draw at the weekend.

Mikel Arteta made five changes from this match – the most from one Premier League match to another since September 2021.

However, the fringe Gunners did not look out of place, led by captain Martin Odegaard who scored after 24 minutes.

An own goal from Daiki Hashioka just before the break proved to be a massive blow for the Hatters.

Neither team managed to put up anything of note in the second half, as Arsenal showed their professionalism to seal all three points.

The club are now a point clear of Liverpool at the top, while Luton’s second successive defeat in north London keeps them three points behind Nottingham Forest in the relegation zone.

  • Arsenal Reaction 2-0 Luton

    What are Arsenal fans like?

    One point ahead of Liverpool and Man City – who regained the lead against Aston Villa following a Foden free-kick.

  • Arsenal Reaction 2-0 Luton

    Four of the five shots attempted in the second half of this match came from the 88th minute onwards, with the first shot of the second half not arriving until the 80th minute by Takehiro Tomiyasu.

  • Arsenal 2-0 Luton FULL TIME

    A thoroughly professional performance from Arsenal as they briefly took the lead in the Premier League ahead of Liverpool.

    It wasn’t the thrills or spills that rival fans would have hoped for, as composed and comfortable football saw the Gunners head home.

  • Arsenal 2-0 Luton

    90′ – Again, just four more minutes, but from this point on it’s all heartwarming for the hosts.

  • Arsenal 2-0 Luton

    88′ – Arsenal respond at the other end as Nketiah almost beats Kaminski from the edge of the box.

    Nketiah feigns to bend a shot towards the far post before firing an effort towards the nearest stick but he is hit behind and the corner ends up going nowhere.

  • Arsenal 2-0 Luton

    86′ – Doughty’s final cross heads towards Hashioka to strike, but he can’t atone for his previous own goal as it’s blocked by Gabriel.

    Hashioka has the chance to draw up his own cross after the ricochet, but once again Arsenal face danger.

  • Arsenal 2-0 Luton

    84′ – In contrast, Smith Rowe receives a warm round of applause as he trudges away with Jorginho instead.

  • Arsenal 2-0 Luton

    82′ – Former Tottenham player Townsend is duly booed off the pitch as he is replaced by youngster Berry.

  • Arsenal 2-0 Luton

    80′ – Tomiyasu shoots wide!

    A rare ball behind gives Nketiah the opportunity to stretch his legs – he runs diligently into the channel before waiting for support from Trossard.

    The latter launches Tomiyasu at the entrance to the area who tries to bend a shot inside the far post but he misses a loop on his effort.

  • Arsenal 2-0 Luton

    78′ – The Hatters are significantly running out of time to spark any sort of comeback as the game drifts towards the final blow.

    Martinelli has looked full of runs since his arrival, but Arsenal still seem reluctant to bring in too many attackers.

  • Arsenal 2-0 Luton

    75′ – Onyedinma is also out as Woodrow enters the field.

  • Arsenal 2-0 Luton

    74′ – Onyedinma receives a tactical yellow card for bringing down Nelson to stop an Arsenal counter.

    Now it’s time for a double change from Arsenal, as Nelson replaces Martinelli while Tomiyasu replaces Zinchenko.

  • Arsenal 2-0 Luton

    72′ – Neither team has attempted a shot in the second half so far, with Arsenal’s last shot coming in the 42nd minute through Trossard.

    The home side appear to be struggling to see the lead they have, while Luton are yet to make it click in the final third.

  • Arsenal 2-0 Luton

    70′ – A promising attack from the visitors comes to nothing when Doughty is released.

    Morris makes a blistering run towards the near post, but Doughty chooses to fire his cross inside the low drill and it floats over his head.

    It’s then simple enough for Zinchenko to send his torso back to his goalkeeper.

  • Arsenal 2-0 Luton

    67′ – This is Havertz’s last involvement as he withdraws for Nketiah.

    Rice is also present for Partey.

  • Arsenal 2-0 Luton

    65′ – Havertz receives the first yellow card of the match for diving.

    The German throws himself to the ground in theatrical fashion without any challenge from Clark just weeks after avoiding similar punishment against Brentford and scoring the winner.

  • Arsenal 2-0 Luton

    63′ – Chong has been a bright spark for the visitors since his arrival and combines with Doughty to be released down the left.

    He then fires a low pullback with Morris hidden, but Arsenal clear their lines.

    I have no complaints about Luton’s effort, but the final ball just isn’t there!

  • Arsenal 2-0 Luton

    60′ – A rare moment of carelessness from the hosts as they are caught playing from the back.

    In his eagerness to win the ball back for his team, Odegaard fouls Clark about 25 yards out, but Doughty’s through ball goes clear.

  • Arsenal 2-0 Luton

    Arteta called on his fringe players to make the most of their opportunities tonight and Smith Rowe certainly did that.

    It has been an extremely difficult stop-start campaign for Arsenlal’s No.10, but he still has time to prove he has a future at the Emirates.

  • Arsenal 2-0 Luton

    56′ – Chong is instantly involved on both sides as he almost gets on the end of Townsend’s cross but the ball is headed clear.

    The Arsenal counter and Chong almost give a dangerous free kick straight to the byline while battling with Nelson, but the play continues.

  • Arsenal 2-0 Luton

    53′ – Edwards doesn’t wait long to make his first change as Chong replaces Mpanzu.

    Chong scored that opener in the 2-1 defeat to Tottenham, but picked up a knock which prevented him from starting tonight.

  • Arsenal 2-0 Luton

    51′ – More patient build-up play from the Gunners as Smith Rowe looks to play a nice pass inside the box for Trossard.

    But Onyedinma reads the danger well and passes the Belgian before winning the mistake.

  • Arsenal 2-0 Luton

    49′ – An extremely controlled start to the second half from Arsenal who pass the ball behind their backs at will.

  • Arsenal 2-0 Luton

    46′ – The locals get us back on track!

    More of the same or can Luton make a comeback for the ages?

  • Arsenal 2-0 Luton half time

    The Gunners are ahead of Liverpool – at least until tomorrow night, when the Reds host Sheffield United.

    Elsewhere, Rodri gave Man City an early lead at home to Aston Villa to keep pace with Arteta and Klopp.


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