“Armored Core VI” gets another toy from a boss almost no one fought

And with all the model kits on the way to Armored Core VIwe also have toys. The latest one being another end-game boss.

There are three endings to Armored Core VI; bad, good and true. The first Damashii Robot toy announced by Bandai Spirits came from the bad ending and was the IB-07: SOL 644 piloted by Ayre. It looks like a nice and sturdy toy, but only about a third of players beat it.

The final toy announcement comes from the good ending of the game (shown below) and is the HAL 826 Armored Core piloted by Handler Walter. This is actually the ending I got on my first playthrough. It has also been openly confirmed that this design was designed by Shoji Kawamori, and it’s actually one of my favorite mecha designs in the game.

This is another end-game boss, though. If we look at the Liberator of Rubicon trophy completion statistics, we see that on PlayStation, only 34.81% of players obtained it. For Xbox players, the number is even lower, at 27%, and Steam players were a bit better, at 36.35%.

This means that the majority of people who played Armored Core VIwho these toys are clearly intended for, will not even have seen this boss in the game. So I really don’t understand what the merchandising strategy is here.

On the toy itself, it looks fantastic. It comes with a full loadout of weapons, that of the Coral Rifle, Coral Oscillator, Coral Missile Launcher, and Coral Shield. You also get the fully effective overheat configuration, which is pretty cool.

Although this figure may not seem that large, the complexity and number of accessories included as well as the various gadgets will make the engineering more complex. Not to mention the incredibly fine sculpting and detailing. The upshot of all this is that the price is quite steep for a Robot Damashii figure, coming in at 19,250 yen (or about $120).

My only real complaint is that the paint is much shinier than I expected. In the game (shown below), the coloring is much more muted. That aside, it looks amazing and fits the game perfectly.

Released in November in Japan, I’ll definitely pick it up, but I wish we had more regular designs from the game given the Robot Damashii or even the chogokin treatment.

Armored Core VI is available to play on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. Be sure to check out my review of the game, as it’s really excellent.

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