Ariana Madix Makes Sex Dig at Ex Tom Sandoval Over His Dirty Underwear

Ariana Madix is diffused Tom SandovalIt’s dirty laundry, literally.

During Vanderpump Rules‘ Episode of April 2, Dancing with the stars Former student tried to steal her ex’s personal assistant Anne Maddox and took a dig at his alleged personal hygiene habits in the process.

“Things are going to get a little difficult for my roommate if I poach his assistant,” Ariana said in a confessional. “But, I mean, he didn’t respect me enough to not fuck my friend when I was at my grandmother’s funeral. So I should happily steal his assistant.”

During an informal chat with Ariana at her and Tom’s home, Ann admitted that working for the TomTom co-owner “has its downsides,” noting, “Sometimes I have to pick up his dirty socks and underwear.”

The comment prompted a shady response from Ariana.

“I know he wears that thing sometimes for days at a time,” the 38-year-old joked about her former partner of nine years, with whom she split last year, in a confessional . “And then he wondered why I didn’t want to fuck him. Change your drawers, brother!”


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