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“Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” achieved 12% of “Aquaman”

I’m not sure there could have been a more ignominious ending to the DCEU than the way Aquaman 2, or Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, is performing after its release over a week ago.

Aquaman 2 opened with $27.7 million domestically, well less than half of the $67.8 million opening for the original Aquaman. But it’s the overall box office receipts that are particularly disastrous, as the film grossed just over $138.5 million worldwide. That’s about 12% of Aquaman 1’s $1.1 billion final total in 2018, where it was the DCEU’s highest-grossing entry.

The opposite is that maybe it’s too early to release these numbers, because they’ve only just come out, right? Well, a few more factors to consider. It has already been released in a tonne of major markets, so there are relatively few potential surges that can still happen outside of countries like Korea and New Zealand, which can only help so much.

More importantly, Aquaman 2 has already launched in China, where it earned $30 million when it opened, again well below the original $93 million opening there, doing even worse than in the country, in its context. Aquaman 1 went on to gross $292 million in China, a figure Aquaman 2 won’t come within a mile of.

Then what DC and a lot of blockbusters have been doing lately is these incredibly short theatrical windows, so the time flies. WB has done something like 39-day windows from theatrical to streaming, so Aquaman 2 has about a month left to add to its total. So it’s going to climb to what, maybe 20% of the original, if so?

Of course, this isn’t exclusive to DC, as we have an extremely direct comparison between Marvel and The Marvels, which, with a worldwide gross of $205.6 million, the final figure, represents 18% of the total of $1.13 billion from Captain Marvel. Aquaman 2 has the advantage of being a true sequel, not a team-up piece of other TV shows that you theoretically had to watch beforehand, but it also has the disadvantage of being the DCEU’s last dying gasp after a series of other high television shows. profile of box office failures from Shazam 2 to Blue Beetle. There was really no way for him to avoid his fate, even if he did well critically (which was not the case, because at 35% on Rotten Tomatoes, it is one of the lowest rated films in the DCEU).

Even before the film’s release, Jason Momoa seemed to ignore it, apparently knowing that it would work poorly, meaning that Momoa’s Aquaman would no longer be carried over into the DCU. But he seems extremely confident, as does WB, that he will continue there, with the most common and obvious casting being Lobo in Gunn’s new universe, although that hasn’t been officially announced.

We’ll see what the end result is, but man, what a final series of films for WB’s DCEU here.

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