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Apple Vision Pro and Cycling: tested indoors and outdoors!

For those who are curious about whether or not Apple’s Vision Pro performs well in cycling, I address all the questions you may or may not have had. Both from an outdoor perspective, but also from an indoor riding perspective on apps like Zwift and Rouvy.

As you might expect, the exterior, while undoubtedly entertaining, is not the near-term future of something like Vision Pro. Instead, it’s potentially the interior side, as apps increase compatibility. With many of them already compatible, the step isn’t too far. Add to that aspects like the already heavily promoted Meta Quest 3 for sports/fitness, the future could be closer than we think.

In the video I cover all kinds of areas including comfort, warmth, sweat management, image clarity and much more. I might write something a little more detailed later (text or video), but for now the above is quick enough to be entertaining for most riders, while still having just enough technical depth to answer to almost all questions. anyone in the indoor cycling (or outdoor riding) field could have done it.



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