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Apple urges iPhone users to update to iOS 17.5 – these are the new features available


It’s time to update your iPhone.

A vital new software update on Apple devices protects the technology from security vulnerabilities and delivers a range of new features for users to take advantage of.

iOS 17.5, released Monday, implements security fixes and a host of features in Apple News, Podcasts and Notifications, as well as new functions in device settings.

For iPhones It imposes a one-hour delay before changing important account or phone settings, such as turning off “Find My.”

In “Repair Status” mode, users can turn off “Find My” without delay while at the Genius Bar for service. According to CNET, Apple technology will ensure that you are the owner of the device before continuing service when “Repair State” is active.

The new update includes security fixes that allow malicious actors to exploit vulnerabilities and access personal information. NurPhoto via Getty Images
New “Pride” wallpapers also came with the update, just in time for June, which is Pride Month. Courtesy of Apple

Additionally, Apple News Plus subscribers have access to a new game called Quartiles, game score sharing, and the ability to read news offline by downloading stories, puzzles, and audio articles to the phone.

The Podcast widget will also change color based on the cover art of the currently playing podcast, and recently listened to podcasts will now appear in Spotlight search suggestions. There is also a counter feature in the Books app to count the number of minutes the user spends reading per day, in addition to the ability to create reading goals ranging from one minute to 24 hours per day.

The update also added features to the Books app, including reading goals and a counter to track minutes spent reading. Courtesy of Apple

In addition to the new “Pride” wallpapers, iOS 17.5 also features “Cross-Platform Tracking Detection,” the ability to detect unknown and unwanted third-party tracking devices and receive notifications. The added layer of protection comes after a wave of dangerous tracking incidents, in which bad actors used devices like AirTags to stalk people.

And while none of these features are all that enticing, iOS 17.5 also fixes a number of security vulnerabilities that could have been exploited by hackers to gain access to your valuable personal data.

According to Apple, the company “does not disclose, discuss, or confirm security issues until an investigation has taken place and patches or releases are available” – and this update fixes 15 vulnerabilities of security.

Users will also be notified if any unwanted third-party trackers are traveling with them. Christophe Sadowski

Apple – which also released software updates for iPadOS, watchOS and macOS for the Sonoma, Ventura and Monterey operating systems – is also expected to launch its highly anticipated iOS 18 in the coming weeks. Most notably, the software would use artificial intelligence, such as Large Language Models (LLMS) and generative AI technology called iWork.

However, the update will only work on newer iPhones: anyone using an iPhone 8 Plus or later, as well as some iPhone SE models, will be left behind. These devices will also not be eligible for future iOS updates.

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