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Apple plans to make Vision Pro 2 displays brighter and more energy efficient, but the change may take years

Apple’s Vision Pro is all the rage as the company prepares to launch the headset in early 2024. Announced at its WWDC event in June, the company failed to provide an exact timeline for the wearable’s launch. While still waiting for the launch, the company is already working on the second generation version of the Vision Pro, which should feature a brighter screen than the original model with better efficiency.

Apple Vision Pro 2 will launch with a brighter, more energy-efficient screen; Samsung could be the likely supplier of this technology

According to a new report from The Elect, Apple plans to upgrade the Vision Pro 2’s screen. Note that the company will stick with existing technology for a while before upgrading it. The upcoming Vision Pro model will feature a WOLED panel. While the displays will be quite sharp, the Vision Pro 2 will house an OLEDoS display, a significant upgrade that offers a host of benefits over WOLED displays.

Compared to WOLED displays, OLEDoS RGB displays produce color and light from nearby RGB subpixels on a single layer. There are two advantages arising from this technique. The screens will be brighter and will not require an additional color filter. WOLED displays rely on an RGB color layer to filter white light. Additionally, the entire process is more efficient, significantly helping to preserve battery life.

The Vision Pro’s battery life won’t allow for longer unplugged sessions. However, thanks to the new integrated display technology, the Vision Pro 2 can improve battery life. However, the next generation of Vision Pro won’t be launched for a few years. OLEDoS RGB displays will arrive with the Vision Pro 2 in 2027. Until then, the company will use WOLED displays to upgrade the product with other utilities.

At this point, Samsung is the only company that can supply OLEDoS RGB displays, since the vendor acquired eMagin earlier in 2023. The vendor will take over Apple’s business from Sony if it manages to move forward with the upgrade. As mentioned earlier, Apple will launch the Vision Pro 2 in 2027 and, according to industry analyst Mong-Chi Kuo, the company will not upgrade the product in the meantime.

However, given the high price of the Vision Pro, it has already been reported that the company may introduce budget variants of the Vision Pro in 2025. Still, take the news with a grain of salt as the final verdict lies with Apple. We will share more details on the topic, so stick around.

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