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Apple details how it’s turning the Mac into a leading gaming rig

In a new interview with Raymond Wong at ReverseApple offered insight into its work to transform the Mac into a powerful gaming platform. The interview comes as Apple has placed a year-long focus on gaming on both Mac and iPhone.

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For example, Gordon Keppel, Mac product marketing manager at Apple, highlighted how Apple Silicon changed everything:

“Apple silicon changed all that,” says Keppel Reverse. “Now all Macs that ship with Apple silicon can play AAA games pretty fantastically. Apple silicon has transformed our traditional systems and has seen huge graphics improvements with M1, M2 and now with M3.

Leland Martin, head of software marketing at Apple, added that Apple Silicon has also simplified the development processor for Mac gaming companies:

If you look at the Mac lineup just a few years ago, there was a mix of integrated and discrete GPUs. This can add complexity when developing games. Because you have to take into account several different hardware permutations.

Today, we’ve completely eliminated that with Apple silicon, now creating a unified gaming platform across iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Once a game is designed for one platform, it’s simple to expand it to the other two. We see this happening with games like Resident Evil Village which launched first (on Mac), followed by iPhone and iPad.

Apple has placed a heavy emphasis on gaming across all of its platforms this year, including the Mac and iPhone 15. For example, the Game Porting Toolkit launched as part of macOS Sonoma allows developers to import much more easily play games from other platforms. Mac.

In today’s interview, Martin explained how Apple has already seen a surge in interest from developers thanks to the Game Porting Toolkit:

“We’ve certainly seen interest from developers and publishers like Kojima Productions (Death Stranding: Director’s Cut release early 2024) and Annapurna Interactive Games (Wander) on how to take advantage of both parts of the game porting toolkit,” says Martin. “When you download the toolkit, it actually consists of two parts. There’s this emulation environment and it helped demonstrate today’s game: you drop in an existing Windows game and see how well it might run on the Mac. The second part is the Metal shader converter and is here to help developers convert their tens of thousands of shader codes to Metal. And they praised how incredibly useful it is and how it saved them a lot of time in their development schedule.

The complete interview on Reverse is worth reading and can be found here.

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