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Anupamaa: Vanraj secretly plots to sabotage Dimple and Titu’s wedding

Anupamaa: Vanraj secretly plots to sabotage Dimple and Titu's wedding
Anupamaa’s Vanraj. Image courtesy: Star Plus

In tonight’s Anupamaa episode, Anupama (Rupali Ganguly) arrives at the Shah’s house, and everyone is delighted to see her, inviting her warmly. However, Vanraj (Sudhanshu Pandey) sternly stops him at the door and picks up an aarti plate. Babu Ji, confused by Vanraj’s actions, asks what he is doing. Vanraj explains that he is about to perform the aarti for Anupama, noticing how she has returned after enduring so much humiliation, seeming prepared for a battle rather than a return home.

Anupama questions his intentions, wondering if he is honoring her or trying to belittle her in front of everyone. Vanraj replies that he is indeed performing the aarti. He then performs the ritual, removes the bad omen and distributes money to the children. When Baa questions his actions, Vanraj insists that they should give Anupama a warm welcome and starts clapping mockingly. Kinjal, sensing the tension, sends the children inside.

Vanraj then starts making fun of Anupama, listing her journey from housewife to businesswoman, to famous Joshi Behen, waiter, reality show winner, restaurant partner and finally, what Toshu and Pakhi They call her: a loser. Toshu smiled at this. Vanraj goes on to point out how she went from zero to hero and back to zero.

Yashdeep expresses his regret:

Yashdeep sits with Beeji and expresses his regrets. He recognizes how much he hurt Anupama and wonders how he could insult someone he loves. He remembers how she trusted them and gave them her prize money, but he still wronged her. He admits that Mr. Kapadia supported her, but failed personally and professionally. Beeji advises him to apologize, assuring him that Anupama will forgive him. She encourages him to talk to her, believing that Anupama will understand. Yashdeep, however, worries about the insults Anupama might face at Shah’s house. Beeji reassures him, reminding him that Anupama is strong and capable of defending herself.

Anupama asks Vanraj if he is finished. He answers in the affirmative, adding a sarcastic: “for now”. He then invites her in. Anupama claps sarcastically, to which Vanraj comments that he expected her to avoid further humiliation by staying away. Anupama replies that she is here for Dimple and to see everyone except a few. Vanraj mocks her, mentioning that she fled America and won’t find a job there, then complains about her trophy being taken away. Anupama retorts that it’s not the wedding day yet and they should save the celebrations for later.

Anupama enters the Shah’s house:

Vanraj, trying to keep his cool, invites her in as Baa calls out to him. Vanraj signals that everything is fine. As Anupama enters, a sudden gust of wind blows flower petals at her, and Babu ji warmly remarks that her daughter is welcome. Kinjal calls Pari, Ishu and Mahi, who rush to hug Anupama. Anupama greets Babu ji, and Dimple, Kinjal and Kavya follow him with hugs. When Anupama approaches Baa, Baa ignores her, citing Kavya and Kinjal’s kitchen work. Anupama then asks the children if they want homemade chocolates, and they eagerly respond.

In another room, Baa asks Vanraj why he let Anupama in, fearing gossip from neighbors and disruption of wedding plans. Vanraj assures her that he will take care of it but secretly plots to sabotage the wedding. Ansh appears and mentions that he went to get the chocolates brought by Dadi, but Vanraj stops him for a private conversation.

Anuj meets Rahul with Gulati:

Anuj gives money to the waiters of Spice and Chutney and KD to cover their expenses, but they refuse at first. Anuj insists, saying they can repay once they find work and adds that his team in India will help them. As they leave, Gulati comes and almost hits Anuj with her car. Anuj confronts him, but Gulati offers money, prompting Anuj to grab her necklace. Rahul, coming out of the same car, introduces Anuj as Kapadia and identifies Gulati as the owner of a kabab restaurant who had earlier offered Anupama a job. Rahul explains that Gulati has now hired him and can still offer Anupama a job. They leave, leaving Anuj furious.

Back at Shah’s house, Pari asks why Papa said Anupama won’t come. Toshu defends his comment, suggesting that he doubted she would run, implying that some people lack shame. Babu ji scolds him, but Anupama intervenes, stating that shame only applies when one is wrong. Ansh arrives, and when Anupama offers him chocolate, he refuses, claiming that his homemade food contains cockroaches. Despite Anupama’s assurances, Ansh insists that he doesn’t want it. Pakhi orders Ishu to throw away the chocolate, and Vanraj, watching from outside, smiles, thinking that Anupama will face constant humiliation. Toshu tells Pari not to eat it, but Kinjal warns him and encourages Pari to eat. Kavya also helps Ishu and Mahi to eat chocolate.

Titu’s attempt to talk to Dimple:

Dimple, Kinjal and Kavya ask Anupama for chocolates, which they enjoy, followed by Babu ji. Seeing this, Ansh changes his mind and eats the chocolate too, disappointing Vanraj. Toshu and Vanraj start to leave, but Anupama confronts Vanraj for turning the children against her. She tastes the chocolate herself, saying it is good. Baa then mentions the need to perform two rituals, and Anupama suggests a grah shanti puja. Babu ji gives the task to Anupama, but Baa objects. Anupama states that she will stay until the wedding and make sure everything is done, prompting Baa to leave. Titu calls Dimple, and Kinjal and Kavya tease her. Anupama picks up the phone and introduces herself as Dimple’s mother-in-law and explains that she is here for Dimple. Kavya invites Titu and Kinjal says Dimple misses him. After the call, Titu wonders how to talk to Dimple.

Precap of the next episode

In the precap, Anupama overhears Vanraj asking someone to watch his house and make sure a woman is present on the wedding day. Anupama wonders who he is talking about. Later she tells Babu ji that she will visit Bhavesh before returning. Vanraj questions the reason for leaving and Anupama replies that it is a matter of justice, saying that she should not be punished for other people’s mistakes.

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