Anti-Israel protest shuts down Philadelphia gay pride parade

Hundreds of anti-Israel protesters invaded a gay pride parade in Philadelphia on Sunday, bringing the celebration march to a halt.

Hundreds of LGBTQ+ revelers were greeted by political protesters chanting the anti-Israel slogan: “Palestine will live forever!” From the sea to the river! at the end of the parade route in the City of Brotherly Love, according to a video posted on X by conservative pundit Jack Posobiec.

The confrontation took place at the intersection of 11th Street and Locust Street after the Philly Pride march and festival began around 10:30 a.m. in Washington Square and headed toward the Gayborhood section of the city.

At one point, the anti-Israel crowd shouted, “PPP, KKK, IOF, they’re all the same!” as cops herded them to one side of the intersection and pride protesters looked on with perplexed, deadened expressions, according to another video posted to X at 12:20 p.m.

Although it was not immediately clear whether the “PPP” chant was in reference to the Philadelphia Pride Parade, “KKK” and “IOF” were apparent references to the Ku Klux Klan and Israeli occupying forces.

Some protesters from the anti-Israel group waved a rainbow flag with the words “no pride in genocide” painted on it, the video shows.

Gay Pride revelers encountered hundreds of anti-Israel demonstrators.
Anti-Israel protesters chant “Palestine will live forever!” From the sea to the river! at the Philadelphia gay pride parade on Sunday. @HughE_Dillon/X

Others wore Palestinian-style Kufiya scarves around their heads, and one protester could be seen holding a white sheet padded to resemble a deceased child wrapped in a shroud, the footage shows.

Meanwhile, in New York, the Israel Day parade took place in Manhattan, where a masked maniac threatened protesters with an anti-Semitic sign reading “Kill the hostages now.”

Protesters in Philadelphia
The confrontation took place in the Gayborhood section of Philadelphia. FOX29

Anti-Semitism has been on the rise in the country since the Hamas attack in Israel on October 7, where the terrorist group killed more than 1,200 people and took 250 hostages, many of whom remain captive of the terrorist group.

Israel has since been embroiled in a war with Hamas, launching a counter-offensive in the Gaza Strip that has killed thousands of Palestinians and displaced many more.

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