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Anthony Quinn Library Honors Legacy of Legendary Mexican Actor

LOS ANGELES – Located in the heart of the East Los Angeles neighborhood where Anthony Quinn grew up, a public library named after the late actor reminds locals that anything is possible.

Quinn was originally from Chihuahua, Mexico. His family emigrated to El Paso, Texas, before settling in East Los Angeles. The Oscar-winning actor has played many different roles of different ethnicities. He is famous for his versatility in acting, but was equally versatile in his personal life.

“Besides being an actor, my father was also an accomplished architect, painter, sculptor and craftsman.” said Alex Quinn, the actor’s son. “He also always read several books at the same time. Having this library means the world to us. It’s probably the best compliment for him.”

“When he was in talks for this library to bear his name, he wanted classes for young people to let them know they were not confined,” said library director Mariko Farinacci-Gonzalez. “Then they could say ‘this is what I would like to learn, and I can learn it.'”

The library has many personal artifacts belonging to Quinn, including a wardrobe from various films and works of art he created.

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