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Ann Coulter: Kill Better

It’s not a Chicago story. It’s a story of the Democratic Party.

Kim Foxx, state attorney for Cook County and darling of MSNBC, has managed to escalate killings in Chicago to incredible levels, even at a time when we are all getting used to staggering crime numbers. Nationally in 2020, non-negligent manslaughter and manslaughter increased 29.4%, according to the FBI. This is more than double the previous record of 1968, when murders rose 12.7%.

Under Foxx’s careful management, Chicago murders were on the rise 55 percent. To put that in perspective, last year there were almost as many murders in Chicago (population: 2.7 million) as in New York and Los Angeles. combined (total population: over 12 million).

Cook County State Attorney Kim Foxx speaks during a press conference in Chicago, Illinois on August 27, 2019 (AP Photo / Teresa Crawford)

Maybe you heard about the Wild West shooting in Chicago’s Austin neighborhood two weeks ago? A group of gang members shot at the home of rival gang members at around 10 a.m. They detonated the house with over 70 rounds, using handguns that had been turned into automatic weapons. Their rivals fought back from inside the house, in a shootout that lasted so long it was still ongoing when police arrived.

All of this took place in full view of police street cameras, as well as the first police officers on the scene.

Of the four initial shooters, one was shot dead at the scene and left behind. The other three took off in two Dodge Chargers (stolen). A gang member went to a medical center, dumped his injured comrade, and then led the police in a car chase that ended in a fiery accident. The other Charger arrived nearby, in flames.

Police arrested the two gang members from the hospital, as well as the three gunmen inside the house.

Foxx refused to file a complaint against one of them on the grounds that it was a “mutual fight”. At this point, the Chicago PD’s only option might be to resubmit charges for environmental reasons – polluting the air with lead.

Who knew that when Foxx talked about not chasing the little things, she was talking about murder and mass shootings? In today’s Chicago, the Valentine’s Day Massacre is legal.

Foxx’s categorical refusal to prosecute in this case came as a shock to everyone in the country except anyone living in Chicago. This is nothing new for the Democrats’ favorite DA. Police should set up a Foxx schedule Murderer of the month released.

In July, it was the murderer of Chrys Carvajal, a 19-year-old National Guard who was shot dead while walking out of a house party on the weekend of July 4. Three eyewitnesses and video evidence led police to a notoriously violent 38-year-old gang member.

Foxx declined to press charges, saying there was not enough evidence.

The August killer shot a guy, missed him, but managed to hit two little girls sitting in the backseat of their family’s car after returning from church. Six-year-old Aubrey Broughton was shot in the lung, rushed to hospital and survived. But another bullet lodged directly in the heart of Aubrey’s sister, Serenity, 7, killing her.

Once again, police investigated, found the suspect’s vehicle, evidence inside the car, and cell phone records indicating a 24-year-old parolee.

Foxx refused to press charges. (On the other hand, she reminded Serenity’s parents that she too was a “mother,” so that was good.)

Serenity’s mother complained that the police and prosecutors were “just bickering.” That was his assessment of the situation – not that Chicago has a prosecutor who won’t prosecute for murder. This may explain why, in addition to George Soros’ $ 2 million donation, Foxx was re-elected last year.

The murderer of the month for September was the killer of Manuel Porties Jr., 18, who showed up for a fist fight and was repeatedly stabbed in the neck after being thrown to the ground. Naturally, the murder was caught on cellphone cameras of passers-by.

Foxx refused to press charges against Porties’ killer, on the grounds that it was – again – a “mutual fight”.

Due to the popularity of drive-by shootings and a “snitches have stitches” philosophy, there is already only about 20% chance of being arrested if you commit murder in Chicago. There is a very good chance of taking another human life.

But even if the police catch you and present the prosecutor with video evidence, eyewitnesses, cell phone signals, or a dead 7-year-old girl, Foxx is here to make sure you DO NOT go to jail. At this rate, Foxx could potentially kill every living human being in Chicago.

But like I said, it’s not a Chicago story. Kim Foxx is a dangerous madwoman, but she’s not a random dangerous madwoman. She is from the Democratic Party beautiful ideal of criminal justice.

Ann Coulter: Kill Better

With Cook County Attorney Kim Foxx by her side, U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris visits a small neighborhood business on April 6, 2021 in Chicago, Illinois. (Scott Olson / Getty Images)

Liberal Money Bags George Soros spent millions of dollars to install pro-criminal prosecutors across the country. (Before it was “anti-Semitic” to mention Soros’ apparently pro-murder campaign, The New York Times published an article extolling the role of the old prune in electing inert prosecutors like Foxx.)

A few hundred thousand dollars poured into the running of a minor DA is more than enough to decide an election. Soros spent millions. Foxx was Soros’ first success in electing prosecutors who would refuse to put another black man in jail.

They’re cool with dead black teens and dead 7 year olds. The only black lives Democrats care about are those of black criminals.

MSNBC, spokesperson for the Democratic Party, was ecstatic the night Foxx won the election that would make his Cook County the best prosecutor, with Lawrence O’Donnell stunned to question pro-criminal Foxx. She was triumphantly interviewed again this weekend by Al Sharpton.

When did the election of a prosecutor attract such celebration? When did he even catch the eye?

There is not a Republican in the nation who is not obligated to publicly state his position on Donald Trump. How about asking Democrats to take a stand on Soros’ installation campaign nolle prosequi prosecutors? Apart from the Senses. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, will a Democrat in the country criticize Foxx?

No of course not. As the corpses pile up in Chicago under Kim Foxx, remember: this is the criminal justice “reform” Democrats want across the country.