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Angie Harmon sues Instacart after delivery worker shoots her dog

Angie Harmon take legal action.

More than a month after a man delivering groceries to her home shot and killed her dog Oliver, the Rizzoli and islands alum is suing both the delivery person and the company behind InstaCart.

As shown in Harmon’s legal filing obtained by E! News, she accuses both the deliveryman, named as Christopher Anthony Reid in the suit – and InstaCart of trespass to personal property, conversion of property, negligence and gross negligence, invasion of privacy and negligent and intentional infliction of emotional distress. She also accuses Instacart, on its own, of negligent hiring, supervision and retention, as well as negligent misrepresentations.

Harmon is also seeking at least $25,000 in damages, the exact amount of which will be determined at trial.

In the document, in addition to describing the above causes of action, the 51-year-old said Reid appeared in the InstaCart app as “a shopper named ‘Merle,’ noting that “the Instacart profile picture of Merle was that of an older woman.

he continued: “On the afternoon of March 30, 2024, instead of Merle, Defendant Reid entered Plaintiffs’ property to deliver Ms. Harmon’s groceries. Defendant Reid posed as Merle on the Instacart app Ms. Harmon had no idea she was communicating with Defendant Reid, a tall and intimidating young man.


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