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Android users are less attractive than iPhone owners, women say

Sex and relationships

Consider this a judgment call: some women find men who own a Google Android phone instead of an Apple iPhone less attractive.

TikToker Travaine Barnett took to the streets in October to ask women what trouble Android devices, known for their green text message bubbles that appear on iPhones, are giving them.

“I can’t text you green, no,” one woman lamented to the camera.

“You are less attractive because of Android,” adds another.

The Post has contacted Google for comment.

Some women are pushed aside by men who don’t have an iPhone. Prostock Studio – stock.adobe.com

Another woman said owning a Samsung device meant she couldn’t FaceTime with a burly boy.

She may not realize that Apple recently rolled out a feature that lets you video chat with other smartphones.

Meanwhile, a 2020 survey found that owning an iPhone makes you 76% more likely to succeed in the world of online dating.

Having a Google phone reduced the odds by 10%.

Those stuck in 2008 with a Blackberry saw their chances reduced by 74%.

Another study, from 2018, found that 70% of singles prefer iPhone users to Android owners.

Not having an iPhone makes men less attractive to some women.
Not having an iPhone makes men less attractive to some women. Graphic royalty – stock.adobe.com

Generation Z is among the most brand loyal to iPhones: research has found that 87% of them own an iPhone.

And 88% say their next phone will also be an iPhone.

However, globally, Android holds 71% of the market share, compared to only 29% for Apple.

In the United States, the iPhone overtook Android in 2010 and never looked back.

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