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Alzheimer’s disease without symptoms could be a reality (study)

Alzheimer’s disease has specific symptoms. — Unsplash/File

Some patients with signs of Alzheimer’s disease will likely have no medical symptoms in their lifetime, according to a new study that could lead to a better understanding of fighting the disease.

A better understanding of how some people reach age 90 or even 100 in good health, without medications or brain disease, could be determined by the findings, researchers say. Independent.

Brain tissue from the Dutch brain bank containing samples from more than 5,000 deceased brain donors with a wide range of diseases has been evaluated by scientists.

Along with each donor’s symptoms, the brain bank also maintains documented medical history and detailed disease course.

A subgroup of people who had Alzheimer’s disease processes in their brain but experienced no medical symptoms while alive, indicating that this was a “resilient” group, according to Researchers.

When scientists studied gene activity in the group members’ brains, they found that several processes were altered.

News Source : www.thenews.com.pk
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