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Allergy season in San Francisco is worse than ever

Incessant sneezing. Eyes watering all the time. Noses are bloody from blowing them so much. If you are suffering right now, know that you are not alone.

Bay Area residents have taken to social media to detail the misery of their allergy symptoms, with many saying they are the worst they have ever experienced.

“Not dead but allergies are killing me,” Redditor 1moreguyccl wrote.

“I should probably be dead,” Rural_Bedbug added.

The harshness of the season brought a Standard staff member to the emergency room, and your humble journalist is piecing together this dispatch behind a pile of tissues and cough drop wrappers. We are part of an army of allergy sufferers.

“This year has been different. Tingling face, congestion, sneezing, coughing, runny nose, sore throat,” said Darren Hall, an Oakland resident. The Alabama native is used to seasonal allergies — growing up, he would sometimes see cars covered in pollen — but he’s never experienced symptoms as debilitating as this season. The severity of his allergies caused him to miss nearly a week of work.

Alexander Savgira, who lives in San Jose, said he can usually control his seasonal sneezing and throat irritation by taking antihistamine tablets without drowsiness. But this year he had to use pills, sprays, eye drops and Benadryl at night. And yet he still wakes up coughing. (He suspects that London plane trees, abundant in San José, are the culprit.)

KRON4 meteorologist Dave Spahr said the cause of these out-of-the-park reactions is twofold. First, there’s the recent weather: late season rain followed by glorious sunshine. “Everything is growing at a breakneck pace,” he says.

News Source : sfstandard.com
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