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All the Republican Politicians Who Flocked to Trump’s Manhattan Trial

  • A long list of prominent Republican politicians have flocked to Trump’s ongoing trial in Manhattan.
  • They include the speaker of the House, a governor, and several senators and House members.
  • It’s an effort to demonstrate loyalty and, for some, increase their chances of becoming vice president.

Former President Donald Trump’s secret trial in New York is suddenly the biggest magnet for ambitious Republican politicians hoping to demonstrate their loyalty.

In recent weeks, the Manhattan criminal courthouse has hosted the speaker of the House, several Republican senators and vice presidential candidates, more than a dozen House members and even two state attorneys general.

The result was at least one senator missing a vote, the delay of a congressional surcharge, and a gang of Republican heavyweights turning into attack dogs for the presumptive 2024 nominee — who is barred to criticize jurors and witnesses via a gag order.

And Trump has yet to receive an audience visit from his own wife, Melania.

Here are all the Republicans who have flocked to the trial so far.


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