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All the British comedies as good as Fleabag

Nothing beats quality television. That’s why, two years later, we’re still thinking about how perfect season two of Chip bag.

Like E! News Readers Know It, Star And Creator Phoebe Waller-Pont took his dry-witted tragicomedy to the next level by creating hilarious and heart-wrenching storylines for his characters. Oh, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the blessing that was the hot priest (Andrew Scott).

In the years since the apparent final season of Chip bag, we searched high and low for a comedy that would fill this TV void. And luckily we now feel confident enough to share our list of British comedies that rival Chip bag.

Most recently, we were blown away by Netflix’s comedy-drama, Feel good. Featuring Mae Martin, who also co-created the series, and Charlotte ritchie, Feel good unboxes modern romance while taking a closer look at drug addiction, gender identity and gender identity. Season two, which arrived on the streaming service last week, impressively incorporated moments of comedy as it traversed a sensitive storyline about trauma and sexual abuse.

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