All GTA Online Bottom Dollar Bounties Drip Content

This summer’s big new GTA Online update is called Bottom Dollar Bounties and it’s packed with a bunch of things to do from day one, but also a lot of drip content. All of this will be revealed over the coming weeks and months. This includes new cars, missions and much more.

As usual, Rockstar Games already has it in the game files, meaning a patch won’t be necessary to get the content. They’ll just put it online when they decide to do so. Of course, this means the community can dig through the game files and find whatever is about to be released.

Below we’ll take a look at everything the community has found so far. Just a quick note, some spoilers are included for the Halloween content, so if you don’t want to know anything, it’s time to visit another article.

New weapon

There is only one new weapon as part of the Bottom Dollar Bounties. It is a melee stun weapon called Shock and we have a photo of it below courtesy of @morsmutual_. As for how it can be obtained, it appears that it will not be a purchasable item from Ammu-Nation but rather an unlock from the Halloween UFO event. Last year we were able to be beamed onto a UFO and given the opportunity to explore a mysterious location.

In a video posted to Twitter by @WildBrick142, players can walk around this location and open a crate with a crowbar. Inside the crate, players will find The Shocker and he will be added to the inventory. We can also see it in action on NPCs; upon hitting them, they are stunned.

New aircraft carrier mode

An aircraft carrier located just off the coast near Fort Zancudo in the files was found by @Lucas7yoshi_RS. It also features a mission marker icon of an aircraft and an aircraft carrier. Rockstar insider Tez2 added that it will be an adversary mode titled Assault on ATT-16. This will take place on the aircraft carrier. The mode logo was revealed by @Hubfex.

New pizza delivery missions

A new mission type, inspired by Vice City, is coming soon to GTA Online: Pizza This… Deliveries. To get started with this side hustle, you can visit a Pizza This… restaurant and then become a delivery driver.

You will be responsible for delivering pizzas to customers’ homes on a Pegassi Faggio Sport. Each delivery will earn you a payment of $2,000 and a tip. Completing all 5 deliveries while the pizzas are still hot will unlock the exchange price for the Pegassi Pizza Boy variant of the Faggio Sport. All this information comes from @WildBrick142.

New vehicles

We’ve already covered all the unreleased drip vehicles in a comprehensive, standalone article. This article presents them all with screenshots and prices.

New collectible

Rockstar will introduce a new daily collectible in GTA Online called “LS Tags”. Scattered throughout southern San Andreas, you can find places that may be covered in black “Los Santos” graffiti.

There will be 5 to find each day and it looks like one of them will net you $18,500 and around 500 RP (subject to change). Twitter user @_arthur1781 shared a video of the LS Tags content in action along with all the possible locations.

Madrazo success

Martin Madrazo will contact you to eliminate the targets he has every day. You will earn $10,000 and 500RP for each completed move. If you eliminate the target with Martin’s chosen weapon, you will earn double the money, or $20,000 per hit. You can see what it looks like here.

Zombie/North Yankton Halloween Event

Just like the new vehicles, we’ve already covered all the zombie-infested Halloween events in North Yankton in a full standalone article here.

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