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Alaska Senator Lora Reinbold tested positive for COVID-19


An Alaska lawmaker, who was banned from an airline after refusing to wear a mask, has tested positive for COVID-19.

State Senator Lora Reinbold was in quarantine at her home Tuesday night, where she told her friends on Facebook that she was “not at all impressed” by the CDC’s advice to take Tylenol and decided to concoct its own “recipe”.

“It’s my turn to fight Covid head-on… game! Who do you think will win? When I have defeated him, I will tell you my recipe, ”posted the Republican pol, before listing his“ recipe ”for unauthorized treatments.

“I take a lot of vitamins ABCD & Quercitin & Zinc Citrate. Vit E and aspirin to reduce clotting. I am blessed to have obtained Ivirmectin as a “de-covider,” the 57-year-old wrote.

The FDA recently issued a severe warning against human or animal use of ivermectin – an antiparasitic used to treat roundworm infections – to treat COVID-19.

Reinbold described Ivirmectin, which the FDA has warned against its use to treat COVID-19, as a “decoder” in a social media post.
Alaska Senator Lora Reinbold tested positive for COVID-19
Senator David Wilson of Alaska has also tested positive for COVID-19.

Reinbold made headlines this spring after being banned from Alaskan Airlines and had to travel 750 miles and take a ferry to vote against an emergency public health bill. Alaskan is the only airline that serves Juneau from its Anchorage area district.

A second State Republican, Senator David Wilson, has also tested positive for the virus, according to the Anchorage Daily News.