Alan Wake 2 DLC Shows Every Game Needs a Banger Theme Song

Years 2023 Alan Wake II is an impressive horror game that mixes mediums and tells a metatextual story about creating art. This is a wonderful achievement in game design. It also features one of the catchiest songs ever put into a video game, memorably accompanied by a spectacular interactive performance. So I shouldn’t have been surprised to discover that Night sourcesthe game’s DLC, also contains a song that I can’t stop listening to. But the DLC has a special feature: it’s a real theme song, and now I think every video game needs one too.

Nocturnal springs is a bold DLC for an already meta-heavy game. It takes place in the form of episodes of a game fuzzy area parody written by Alan Wake himself and hosted by the mysterious Mr. Door. It gives each of the three episodes a canonical explanation without requiring them to actually make sense. Without any responsibility to remain consistent with the existing story, Remedy really does go off in ways you wouldn’t expect, even after playing. Alan Wake 2And since the entire DLC is a TV show, it makes sense that it has a theme song.

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