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AirTag 2 would be announced again in 2025

It’s been three years since Apple introduced AirTag, its item tracker that integrates with Apple devices. However, little has been heard about Apple’s plans for a new generation, except that it is expected to arrive by 2025. Now we have more details on what to expect from the second-generation AirTag.

AirTag 2 rumors

As reported Bloomberg According to Mark Gurman on Sunday, a new version of AirTag “should arrive around the middle of next year.” The original AirTag was announced in April 2021, so it’s possible the company could launch the second generation around this time next year.

The journalist also reports that Apple has conducted manufacturing tests with its partners in Asia in order to ship the product (codenamed B589) in 2025.

But what exactly can we expect from the second generation AirTag (or simply AirTag 2)? According to Gurman, “a better chip with improved location tracking.” Potentially, AirTag 2 will have the same second-generation ultra-wideband chip as the iPhone 15, Apple Watch Series 9, and Ultra 2 models.

While the U1 chip only works over a distance of a few meters (around 10 meters), Apple’s second generation UWB chip works over long distances of up to 60 meters. This allowed the company to create a new feature that allows users to find their friends using Precision Finding.

Apple could also introduce new versions of AirTag in different forms, although this has not been rumored. Of course, new AirTag accessories wouldn’t be out of the question either.

What do you expect from a second generation of AirTag? Let us know in the comments section below.

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