Airline startups want some post-Covid travel

The worst crisis in aviation history is not over, but new airlines are already assessing the post-pandemic market. While some are successful, their aggressiveness bodes better for travelers than for investors.

The capacity of global airlines is still down 40% from January 2020 and travel restrictions are not decreasing. Many carriers, such as Avianca, Aeroméxico and Norwegian Air Shuttle, remain under administration.

Yet startups are pushing to take their place.

The latest big announcement came last month from Norwegian founder and former CEO Bjørn Kjos, who will once again attempt to bring low cost flights to transatlantic routes with a new company, Norse Atlantic Airways. Likewise, Icelandic start-up Play is stepping into the shoes of WOW air, which closed in 2019 after attempting the unorthodox combination of low-cost routes and a hub-based network strategy.

Most startups will focus on shorter routes. Traditional hub-and-spoke networks have dwindled during the pandemic and analysts believe they could rule out many regional airports for good. Flybig in India, EGO Airways in Italy and Houston-based Avelo Airlines all plan to fill this gap.

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