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After 1,000 complaints in a week, court no longer accepts ‘orchestrated’ complaints against judge in Trump Florida case

A federal appeals court will no longer accept complaints about Canon Aileenthe judge presiding over the federal criminal case against Donald Trump in Florida, which appears to be part of an “orchestrated campaign.”

The May 22 notice from the Judicial Council of the 11th Circuit, which oversees Florida’s lower courts, says that since May 16, 2024, the clerk has received more than 1,000 complaints “that raise allegations similar to the allegations raised in the complaints previous ones. The board ordered the court clerk to stop accepting similar complaints.

It is unclear what exactly triggered the onslaught of complaints after May 16. Last month, Cannon indefinitely postponed the start of the trial in the Trump case, where he was accused of mishandling classified documents.

Several complaints against Cannon “question the accuracy of his decisions or his delays in making decisions” in the classified documents matter, according to the judicial council’s opinion. Those complaints included allegations “unsupported by any evidence” that Cannon had an “improper motive for delaying the matter,” according to the opinion.

Other complaints called for 11th Circuit Court Chief Judge William Pryor to remove Cannon from the classified materials case — a step that judicial board said neither he nor the board could take.

Pryor reviewed and dismissed some of the complaints because they did not provide sufficient evidence that misconduct by Cannon had occurred, according to the order.

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