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Adam Lambert, Meghan Trainor and Ester Dean reveal their karaoke choices


E! News: If you could cover the music of another band or singer for one night, who would it be?

ED: If I had to choose it would be Tina Turner because I’m in love with Tina Turner and I sound like Tina Turner. I’ve been watching him for so long and I actually have the same grater and manners as a singer, so I was like, oh my gosh, I would actually be Tina Turner.

TA: ABBA, because they wrote some of my all time favorite songs. I would be Agnetha [Fältskog]!

AL: I want to say, Queen obviously takes that place. Who else would I like to cover?

E! News: What is your favorite karaoke song and why?

ED: Anything by Tina Turner. I sound like her!

TA: Everything from the early 2000s and any of my songs!

AL: I haven’t done karaoke in a while, but back then, if I was feeling a little mischievous and sassy, ​​I would probably do “Tell Me Something Good” in Rufus. And then if I was feeling emo and somehow wanted to get some sympathy from the audience, I would do “Can’t Make You Love Me” from Bonnie raitt.