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Actors leave possible farewells for next year

There is plenty of time Saturday night cast members, but there were no big exits — or hints of departures — during tonight’s Season 49 finale of the venerable NBC late-night program.

No SNL veterans cried at the end of their sketches like Kate McKinnon did during the 2022 finale, it was all smiles and fist bumps at the encore, and, after another brutal joke exchange, Colin Jost and Michael Che completed their 10th season together on Weekend Update wishing everyone a great summer.

This was to be expected, as none of the 17 members of this year’s troupe would willingly miss next year’s big celebrations – The Big 50.

Host Jake Gyllenhaal set the stage for what’s to come in his opening monologue, noting that the finale was “the last episode before the big anniversary season.”

“I know, we’re all waiting for season 50,” he said, jokingly revealing that he was chosen to host the season 49 finale after many big stars turned it down.

“I guess they’re all holding out for the 50th,” he joked.

Saturday Night Live is expected to take a victory lap for its fiftieth season, culminating with a celebratory weekend planned for February, punctuated by a prime-time special on Sunday, February 16. Many of the show’s iconic stars and other stars are expected to be involved in this one.

As SNL Boss Lorne Michaels is preparing to go all out for season 50, he himself may decide to cut some cast members over the summer, but is not expected to add to the cast as he heads towards the half-century of the series.

A number of star players are also expected to be promoted; Deadline understands that Marcello Hernández, Molly Kearney, Michael Longfellow and Devon Walker will likely become roster players next season after joining in Season 48.

Michael’s future after his 50th birthday is uncertain. He’s already said he plans to retire after the celebration, although Seth Meyers and Adam Sandler don’t expect him to go anywhere. “I think it’s a false narrative that Lorne is going anywhere,” Meyers said. “I think it made sense that Lorne – who has, yes, a flair for the dramatic – said, ‘I think I’ll be done by 50. It’s not like Lorne has anything other than wanted to do more than that.’

Whatever happens with Michaels, the spring and summer of 2025 are expected to be another transitional time for the series, drawing parallels to the post-pandemic shift of 2022, which saw the departure of veterans McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, Pete Davidson and Kyle Mooney. in May’s Season 47 finale, followed by Cecily Strong’s exit in December.

But that’s the deal for next year. Tonight, Gyllenhaal closed the show by praising SNL’The team “at the end of an incredible season”.

For several new actors, the celebration will be very special during the closing night. “It’s the first grand final for a lot of people,” he said. SNL said the interpreter.

Indeed, last year’s season ended abruptly following the writers’ strike and previous seasons were under Covid protocols.

Weekend Update‘s Jost started as a writer in 2005 before becoming a co-anchor in 2014. Che joined the series as a writer in 2013 before becoming a co-anchor alongside Jost in 2014.

Mikey Day joined the series as a writer in 2013 before being promoted to casting in 2016. Heidi Gardner and Ego Nwodim have been on the show since 2017 and 2018 respectively, while Bowen Yang, who joined the cast as as a writer in 2018 and a cast member. in 2019, saw his stock rise with appearances in films such as Fire Island And Brothers as well as a turning point in the next Wicked.

Then there’s Keenan Thompson, who at this point will probably be the last one out.

Thompson, along with Nwodim, Devon Walker and Punkie Johnson, joined Gyllenhaal in the opening monologue of a rendition of Boyz II Men’s “End of the Road” to end the current season and celebrate SNLit’s longevity.

“It’s been 49 years, over 900 shows, costumes and wigs, and a room full of shots,” they sang.

You can watch the song and the rest of the opening monologue as well as the final encore below.

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