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Abdeslam claims to have “attacked France” because it bombed Daesh and not “because of its values” – RT in French

The Islamist terrorist Salah Abdeslam justified his participation in the attacks of November 13, 2015 by the French military intervention against Daesh in Syria. For him, terrorists “are Muslims” practicing “authentic Islam”.

“Hello everyone, I’ll be a little longer,” said Salah Abdeslam, 32, on September 15, seeming comfortable behind the glass box when speaking after his 13 co-defendants. A leaden silence fell on the huge courtroom when Salah Abdeslam, the only surviving member of the commandos that left 130 dead and hundreds wounded, rose at the invitation of the president. of the Special Assize Court of Paris.

In a weighed, measured voice, which contrasts with his vituperations of the first days of the hearing, he spoke for five minutes on French policy in the Middle East, from Jacques Chirac to François Hollande, or gave his own definition of “terrorists”. , jihadists, radicalized ”.

“This is only authentic Islam”, explains Salah Abdeslam

“I’m telling you: we fought France, we attacked France, we targeted the population, civilians, but in reality we have nothing personal against these people, we targeted France and nothing other “, asserted Salah Abdeslam, blaming the” French planes which bombarded the Islamic State, the men, the women, the children “.

“François Hollande said that we fought France because of its values, but it is a lie”, he added, blaming the “French planes which bombed the Islamic State, the men, the women , children ”. “François Hollande knew the risks he was taking by attacking the Islamic State in Syria,” accused the Franco-Moroccan.

“In reality, it is only authentic Islam, and these terrorists, these radicals are Muslims”, he still analyzed calmly, black mask lowered on his trimmed beard, dark t-shirt and fleece jacket dark on the back.

“I try to be as clear as possible, I know that I can shock people, especially the most sensitive. They say of me that I am provocative, but I want to be sincere with these people and not to lie to them ”, concluded Salah Abdeslam by assuring that“ the goal does not[était] no harm ”.

The other defendants spoke briefly. Some expressed their “compassion” with the victims but denied being “terrorists”, others admitted part of the facts against them. Some of them preferred to refuse to speak at this stage. The hearing continued with the hearing of an investigator from the Paris criminal brigade, on the route taken by the commandos on the evening of the attacks, the bloodiest ever committed in France.

Twenty people in total appear before the special hearings, six of them by default.