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A young man attacked and bitten nearly 60 times by two dogs in the city center of Quimper – Quimper


The scene took place on Tuesday around 6.30 p.m. in a small park just behind the Quimper media library, in the city center. And according to the victim, it would have lasted nearly twenty minutes. This 28-year-old Quimpérois was savagely assaulted by the two dogs of an marginal who had left them free and then would not have been able to control them.

Wounds all over the body

“There was a beige pitbull type with black spots and another brown American Staff style and smaller,” testifies the young man, still hospitalized. The list of his injuries is cold in the back: an ear torn off, stitched up as soon as he arrives in the emergency room but with a slim chance of regaining use, about sixty bites on the body, and the tendon of the right hand. touch.

(The Telegram / Yves Madec)

Also according to the victim, who filed a complaint on Wednesday, the owner left them both without a leash or muzzle. “I pointed out to her with a smile, and she lifted her tone, telling me that if I spoke again her dogs would attack.” I got up from the bench, I felt that his dogs were not in a normal state. The bigger one immediately jumped over the bench and rushed at me. I protected my face with my arm, he grabbed it in his mouth. The other dog grabbed my right leg and I fell. She tried to intervene at one point, but her dog dragged her, she was injured in the legs. Towards the end, the big dog took my ear and I felt it go ”.

The owner flees before being arrested

These were witnesses to the scene who managed to free him and call for help. The two dogs were immediately impounded and the question of their euthanasia will arise. As for their owner, who had fled the scene, she was arrested a little later and taken into police custody. She was released on Thursday until the investigation continued.

The subject of marginal dogs is taken very seriously by the city of Quimper. This is what recently motivated the promulgation of two municipal decrees aimed at regulating the consumption of alcohol and the keeping of animals in town centers.