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A new way to search photos with Gemini

At the annual Google I/O developer conference, held in Mountain View, California, on Tuesday, May 14, Google announced an update to its popular Google Photos service. The new feature, called Ask Photos, harnesses the power of Gemini, Google’s most advanced AI model, to revolutionize the way users search for and interact with their photos.

Jeremy Selier, a software engineer at Google Photos, introduced Ask Photos as an experimental feature that will be gradually rolled out in the coming months. This new feature aims to make it easier for users to search for specific memories or information within their extensive photo galleries.

With over 6 billion photos uploaded to Google Photos daily, finding the right content has become increasingly difficult. Ask Photos solves this problem by allowing users to make natural language queries such as “Show me the best photo of every national park I’ve visited.” The AI-powered feature then presents relevant photos, eliminating the need for extensive scrolling.

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Additionally, Ask Photos goes beyond simple searches by allowing users to ask questions about their photos. For example, users can inquire about specific details captured in their images, such as themes from past birthday parties. The Gemini model’s multimodal capabilities allow it to understand the context and subject of photos, providing users with relevant responses.

In addition to making searches easier and providing helpful answers, Ask Photos also helps users complete tasks in Google Photos. For example, it can help users select the best photos from a trip and even generate personalized captions to share on social media.

The technology behind Ask Photos involves a process in which AI understands user queries, performs searches, and carefully selects relevant photos and videos to provide accurate answers. Although the feature is experimental and may not always be perfect, Google has implemented protection levels and AI models to ensure responses are safe and relevant.

Google has stated that personal data from Google Photos will never be used for advertising purposes. Additionally, the company said conversations and personal data in Ask Photos will not be reviewed except in rare cases to address abuse or harm.

Ask Photos is expected to roll out gradually in the coming months, with Google encouraging users to try the experimental feature and provide feedback for further improvements.

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