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A mysterious mist falls over the plane’s air vents, drenching passengers who are forced to abandon their wet clothes during a four-hour flight

  • Thick fog drenched passengers on recent flight to New York
  • Despite the alarming images, it happens quite often on planes

Passengers aboard a flight to New York were left cold and wet after air vents released a thick mist of liquid.

Savannah Gowarty posted a video to TikTok showing viewers a glimpse of the humid interior of the plane.

‘What is this?’ she said, her hair and face visibly wet. “Four hours of flight. So cold.’

In an effort to ease the uncomfortable situation, Gowarty took off his soaked white collared shirt and placed it on the armrest hoping it would air dry.

Gowarty didn’t reveal which airline she was flying with, but the saga she experienced aboard the four-hour flight isn’t as unusual as it seems.

Thick mist drenched passengers on a recent flight to New York as liquid gushed from air vents.

Thick mist drenched passengers on a recent flight to New York as liquid gushed from air vents.

A similar incident occurred on a flight last July from Nice, France, to London.

The flight, operated by British budget airline EasyJet, featured the same kind of dense fog that Gowarty complained about, Newsweek reported.

But an EasyJet spokesperson allayed would-be travelers’ concerns, saying the fog is simply the result of condensation and “it’s completely safe.”

“On board planes, it is sometimes possible to see the air conditioning system cooling and condensing the hot air from outside, which passengers were able to observe on this Nice-Gatwick flight,” explained the spokesperson.

“We can confirm that it is completely safe for everyone on board. The safety of our passengers and crew is our top priority.

A viewer who saw Gowarty’s clip also commented on how the phenomenon is very common.

‘It’s just condensation from the outside heat and the cold air from the plane!! It’s completely normal, especially in summer or when it’s hot!’ the person wrote.

Savannah Gowarty visibly wet during her flight

Savannah Gowarty, left, posted a TikTok about a flight to New York where thick mist poured down on the passenger. Another woman, on the right, is seen in the aisle with her hair completely soaked.

Another commenter supported this claim, saying that this condensation “occurs often” on flights in the southern United States, where it can be very hot outside.

Yet the vast majority of people who watched Gowarty’s video shared his outrage, saying they would demand compensation if they were in his place.

La Roche Posay, a French skincare brand, also commented on the viral video, taking a more “glass half full” approach.

“Four hours of flight plus a free misty refreshment for dewy skin,” the company wrote, to which Gowarty responded, “That’s one way to look at it!”

DailyMail.com has contacted Gowarty for comment.

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