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A 3-year-old child unwraps his family’s presents in the middle of the night

In the early hours of Christmas morning, Katie and Scott Reintgen were awakened by an unexpected visitor. And it wasn’t Santa Claus.

It was their 3-year-old son asking for a pair of scissors.

When the North Carolina couple woke up to investigate the strange middle-of-the-night request, they realized their son had torn up all the Christmas presents they had painstakingly spent hours wrapping the night before .

Scott, the bestselling science fiction and fantasy author of “A Door in the Dark,” summed up the event of the morning of the 25th with a brief social media post Christmas tree surrounded by already opened presents. He captioned it: “Yeah. My three year old got here at 3am and unwrapped EVERYONE’S presents.” In 24 hours, the post was viewed 6 million times.

The Reintgens put their three children – ages 6, 3 and 1 – to sleep at 9 p.m. on Christmas Eve. The parents finished their gift wrapping and went to bed at 11 p.m.

Everyone except the youngest, Reintgen, was startled awake at 3 a.m. when their middle child, whom they call “T,” ran into the bedroom demanding scissors so they could open his web shooter Spiderman.

“I honestly couldn’t believe he would open all the presents,” Scott told TODAY.com. “It was so shocking that you had to laugh at how ridiculous it seemed. Like you were experiencing a scene in a movie or in front of a hidden camera.”

Scott added a follow-up video to his social media post. He explained that T wanted to open all the presents so no one would be “confused” and “so they would all know what they had received.” In the video’s caption, he wrote that it’s “a story we’ll tell for the rest of our lives.”

Discovering the carnage around their Christmas tree, Scott helped the kids go back to sleep while Katie, who runs a popular Etsy shop called Citrus and Poppy, began the tedious job of rewrapping the presents. Everyone was asleep at 4 a.m…. but the kids woke up two hours later, eager to start opening (or re-opening) the presents.

“At first I laughed. Then I wanted to cry. After a second of fear, I went into “super mom mode,” like all moms do. I see you, moms!” says Katie. “One of the best parts of Christmas is creating magic for our children. Funny, my oldest didn’t even notice that the packaging wasn’t perfect – he was too caught up in the fun of the morning to notice.

Do you see the child in the blanket with the twinkle in his eye? He unwrapped every present under the tree in the middle of the night. Courtesy of Bailey Batten

That’s right. Even though the 6-year-old woke up at 3 a.m., he didn’t remember what happened in the morning.

“When we told him about the unwrapped presents, he didn’t really believe it. If he had been the one to come down, he would have quietly inspected all the presents and then gone back to his bed without touching any of them,” Scott said. explain. “He’s a big stickler for rules, so the idea of ​​someone coming downstairs and starting opening presents in the middle of the night would be unthinkable for him.”

Were the Reintgens surprised that their youngest unwrapped all the Christmas presents? Not entirely.

“It was right on brand,” Scott says of T. “He’s our wild card. Very adventurous. Quick to do something unexpected. While we were opening presents that morning, he kept saying things like, ‘I told you you were getting one of the gifts.’ those!’ and “I thought I’d already opened that one!” and ‘See!’

Unfortunately, Katie wasn’t able to rewrap every gift. “We didn’t rewrap our middle child’s presents,” Scott says. “We thought he’d already felt the adrenaline rush of unwrapping! Plus, we were out of new wrapping paper, so using shredded leftovers was our only option.”

The experience of going viral was “fun” for the family. They enjoyed reading on social media as other families responded with their own hilarious family Christmas stories. “We were grateful that it brought a lot of light and laughter to the holidays,” Scott said.

The couple wants to make sure that TODAY sends a big shout out “to all the parents who make magic happen in the middle of the night. You are seen and appreciated.”

As for T, Katie and Scott talked to him about the importance of letting others enjoy opening their own gifts. And thinking about Christmas 2024, Scott says: “I think we’ll wait until early in the morning to put them out next year!”

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