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7 “Polite” Things You Do at the Gym That Are Actually Rude

We’re gearing up for the new year, and that means many people are thinking about ways to prioritize their health for their resolutions. We expect packed gyms with new faces learning the ropes – and it’s wonderful that so many people are focusing on their wellbeing. However, there are some gym rules you need to know because things that may seem polite to you may actually be considered rude to others.

Whether you’re a regular fitness fanatic or a newbie gym enthusiast, here are 7 habits to avoid and what to do instead.

1. You wait in sight of someone using a machine instead of asking.

It may seem rude to approach someone and ask when they are finished with a machine, but it is better to be direct than seemingly passive and aggressive. Even if you think you’re out of sight, trust us, you’re not. Next time you’ve been waiting for a machine for a while, just ask the user!

2. You leave weights on the machine instead of putting them away.

You may think 45° is the norm for everyone, but everyone has a different limit and goal. Hopefully leave the machine as you found it and put away all the weights. It takes a few extra seconds and the next person who uses the machine will thank you for it.

3. You check in without paying attention to the people around you.

If you want to take photos or videos of your workout progress, no one blames you. But make sure your gym is okay with you recording yourself and that the people around you are okay with being filmed. As we approach 2024, this is increasingly becoming a safety measure that everyone should keep in mind. Plus, the gym is a vulnerable place for some, and not everyone wants to be recorded or even be in the background of your photo. Ask permission before assuming everything is okay.

4. You give another gym-goer unwarranted advice, even if it’s well-intentioned.

Look, we know you’re just trying to help, but if you want to help someone with their form, become a trainer. Unless someone asks you for advice, try to keep to yourself instead of trying to find people to criticize. It’s intimidating and sometimes discouraging for those targeted by the comments. If you are concerned about someone’s safety, ask gym staff or staff trainers to step in and offer advice.

5. You wipe down your gear after use, but leave it soaking wet.

We would like to congratulate you for taking the time to clean the equipment. Many don’t even make it! But try to leave the equipment as you want, that is, do not leave it without cleaning. Or soaked from excessive wiping. The next person using the equipment doesn’t want to be sitting in soapy water, trust us. Dry the machine before continuing.

6. You join a class but don’t take it.

Joining a fitness class at your gym is a great way to take advantage of the amenities. If you’re having trouble keeping up, try your best instead of doing your own thing. This can distract the instructor and classmates around you.

“A group fitness class is all about following the collective beat, but sometimes there’s one person dancing to their own beat,” Alysia Bebel, certified barre instructor and assistant social media editor for Eat well said. “Believe me, as a fitness instructor, I want to freestyle, but here’s the thing: following the instructor keeps the energy flowing and avoids distracting the whole class. If you’re injured , don’t hesitate to chat with your instructor beforehand: most will be more than happy to help you find the perfect modification without missing anything!

7. You try to start a conversation with someone else who is wearing headphones.

Enjoy friendly conversations, but know that if someone next to you is wearing two headphones, they’re in the zone. Don’t distract them by talking about your day or giving them a compliment and perhaps consider that the gym is not the best place to give compliments. Bring a gym partner with you if you prefer to be social.

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