7 High-Paying Jobs That Are Still Scrambling to Hire

Recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the hiring rate is slightly lower than a year ago: 3.7% last February, compared to 3.9% in February 2023. Job offers fell by a rate of 6.0%. in February 2023 at a rate of 5.3% last February.

Tuesday’s press release from the Bureau of Labor Statistics said job openings in February “were little changed at 8.8 million” from January. The press release also highlights that “the number and rate of hires have changed little,” in addition to other areas that have not seen big changes.

For some white-collar workers, especially those in the tech sector, this can look like a bleak job search landscape.

However, there are many jobs in demand, from accountants to civil engineers. Amid a shortage of skilled labor, there is a shortage of plumbers according to Bloomberg – one shortage among many that still persists.

“Job postings and job postings have fallen from their peaks more than two years ago, but demand for new workers is still strong in several sectors,” said Nick Bunker, director of economic research for North America at Indeed Hiring Lab, in a statement to Business Insider. March statement.

Business Insider reached out to career sites to see what the demand is like. Job search and networking site Handshake, a platform primarily aimed at students and recent college graduates, said its posts with the most job postings were populated by employers in government, law and politics, retail, energy and education. Depending on the sector, here are the positions with a multitude of opportunities or an urgent need to hire.


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